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3DMark 2001 Compare.....

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I ran my 3DMARK again today and was able to get to 3351 3DMarks.

PIII 700@980
Asus CUSL2-C
256 MB RAM
Elsa Geforce2 GTS
TNT2 Ultra @ 175/210 w/1562DMarks
SH6 with cBo 700@899 PEP66 w/Black Label
2*128 PC150 Kingmax
and some other stuff
1ghz Axia chip at 1450mhz
abit kt7a-raid
hercules geforce 3
5.1 soundblaster
2*30.7gb ibm hard drives in raid mode
256mb of pci 133 cas 2 ram
Running Win2K. I'm using 12.00 nVidia drivers and got 2079 using Default Settings. I'm going to install the new Detonator3 12.41 drivers and I'll post that too just for kicks...

can anyone tell me a few things please? How come I can't perform these three tests??? Game 4 - Nature, Environment Bump Mapping, and Pixel Shader Speed. Is this right for my hardware? Should I be using Antialiasing (2,4) or not? I thought I had DirectX8.1, but my results read DirectX8.0 - where can I get 8.1? Win2k update doesn't get it...

PIII 600 (Katmai)@ 600
Asus P2B
256MB PC133
GeForce2 GTS/Pro 32MB
WD 15GB 7200 RPM
WD 8GB 5400 RPM
Damn, I intalled the D3 12.41 drivers and got the same results: 2079. I tried to use antialising and it lowered my score, so I guess I don't mess with that... Somebody please help! Those 3 same tets were still N/A cuz of "No Hardware Support" what the heck is that? I thought this GeForce2 card had all the hardware support...??? This is frustrating. I know my CPU is my main bottleneck, but are these numbers right? Someone with a similar setup please post so I can feel better. hehehe Next month I'm getting the IWill KK266 + TBird 1Ghz. Screw it!
Got 3046!

Asus A7V
Duron 600 o/c 950 : 1.85 v Air Cooled
512 Micron PC133
Geforce Pro DDR 32MG 250/450
i get 3109 in 3dmark2001 with my geforce2 MX 32
o/c'ed at 200core/200 mem 12.41detonators and the via 4n1 servicepack 4.32 and a 105 mhz FSB x 10.5 on my duron
UR score didnt show up buddy. Can u post a screenie with the numbers or just tell us what you scored if you think your system is flying.
GOD (Jun 01, 2001 06:43 a.m.):
Daniel R (May 31, 2001 11:39 p.m.):
I just ran 3dmark 2001 and received 4199

Anyone know of any good tweaks for AGP? My system is completely unstable in 3d apps while running the AGP at 4x. In order to get it stable in 3d, I had to back down to 2x AGP.

dood how the hell you get your asus V7700 to 250 on the core?

i got the EXACT caed and mine wont go over 225

and i got a FOP38 on my core

get NVmax.
got mine to 4200. with the V7700 clocked to 250/420.

Pitspawn (Jul 03, 2001 06:38 a.m.):
UR score didnt show up buddy. Can u post a screenie with the numbers or just tell us what you scored if you think your system is flying.

are you talking to me?
if the link was dead...um just take a look in my signature???
P3 750@864 MHz, V5 5500 @ 166 MHz.

3D Mark 2001: 1568
3D Mark 2000: 4277