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3DMark 2001 Compare.....

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got 1824 not sure if that is good or not i think ill try oc'ing a little
i got 2409
it shows 0 for video memory in compare with other.
anyone know how to enable video memory?
A-hem. New hardware, better score for specs below:

Mad_Heckler (Jul 04, 2001 11:30 p.m.):
Can someone tell me if this seems ok or a little low.
3DMark 2001 - score: 2410

AMD Slot 600
MSI K7 Pro
128 PC 100
Geforce2 GTS 32mb

ya boss, I have the same ram same mobo...
my cpu is a 650
with my Gf 32 mb DDR I was getting 2000ish
I tossed a new radeon, and OCed to 718 mhz..
and now I get about 2700...
but if I leave mine at 650 my score is around 2500..
so yours seems pretty good to me
ok did some tweaking and got 2659.oc'd the card to 200/195.thats over 700 in tweaking.cool
Laugh at me

Eil Atan (Jul 05, 2001 12:36 a.m.):
Amedeo602 (Jul 04, 2001 05:38 p.m.):
with the system in the sig i got a WHOPPING 776 on it...what the hell's wrong?!?!

Amedeo602, make sure you have installed the drivers for the AMD 760 Chipset. That was the big problem for me, I have a similar system, and it made the difference of about 3000 something 3D marks... hopefully that will help you. You can get the drivers by clicking below. Install the AGP miniport driver that matches your system and then try 3Dmarks again.

Sorry about the post above, I clicked post by accident...

isn't it the VIA 4 in 1 drivers u need to install?
oh well, i ahve no idea what i m tlking abt....hehe
correct me if i m wrong