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3dmark 2001 shiznit

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Jul 20, 2001
System in question is in the sig. Well, I ran 3dM2k a few days ago, and got a 1100 or 1400, can't remember exactly. I ran it again the next day and got a freakin 100, ran it again and got a 90!! It also says my cpu speed is 44-88mhz, when Sandra and CPUID show 500~. I just got DX 8.1, new mobo drivers, and have the newest nvidia driver. A friend of mine has almost an identical system, and he gets better performance out of games like serious sam, moh, even quake 3.


Jun 27, 2001
Wash. State
mx-6* said:
What's the OS?
Windows 2k pro, its in his sig. Did you remove the old drivers before you installed the new ones? If not you may be running in software raserization, or a windows supplied driver. I used to have that happen with my old Emachines comp with my Voodoo 3. It would try to run the Voodoo with the driver supplied for the onboard video. I have had to uninstall 3dmark 2k a few times too and reinstall it, sometimes it gets funky. Good luck.


New Member
Dec 13, 2001
format. u should always format and install after installing new vid drivers. mixing pieces of them together(windoze never gets em all out) gets ugly quick
just my .02c, good luck


Feb 4, 2002
i have an athlon xp1700 with 384 megs of pc2100 ram and a voodoo 3 2k and I only get a lil over 2000 in 3dmark2k1 so your first scores weren't too far off.
I find I get better scores when I run the benchmark just after a reboot. I'm on win2k