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3Dmark 2003 Next!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
I was reading some news groups this morning and came accross a thread were some developers were reporting early benchmarks of 3Dmark 2003. Some replies have asked if there was to be a 3Dmark2002 and the programmers responded with in seconds of the post and claimed that there would be no 2002 version of the popular software.

They also mentioned that 3Dmark 2003 was specifically designed for the Radeon9700Pro and GeForceFX cores to do maximum DirectX 9.0 Support.

Appearently, near fall next year, Mad Onion is expected to release an enhanced version of 3Dmark 2003 dubbed 3Dmark 2003 SE which includes DirectX 9.4 features which can only be found in R400 and NV35 boards which wont exist untill Christmas (NV35) and Spring 2004 (R400).

R350 (Next Generation ATI Card) is expected to be a DirectX 9.1 Card hence DirectX 9.4 wont be out untill Fall next year and R350 is supposed to be out by May next year.

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DragonEngineer said:
Any idea when 2003 is coming out?

I'm going to guess on this one...

I will guess February or March. It all depends on how fancy NV30 really is and how pathetic it makes 3Dmark 2001 SE look. nVidia says with high end system, 20000+ points will be no problem with the NV30!

damn... got a ti4400 and i'll already be missing hardware support for some of the tests.
ninthebin said:
it will be nice to see my Ti4200 fall flat on its face...almost back as if I had my GF2 MX again :(

Well the minimum system requirements will be a GPU (GeForce256 or Radeon) along with a Athlon / Pentium3 CPU with 256MB of ram or more.

Robbie said:
PUT the old one back up!!!!

I tell ya what, if someday, if I ever get promoted to senior, the first thing I will do is make a simple Avatar webpage so that people can request and use my Avatars any time :) Maybe some bio too on da galz