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3dMark 2005 Score sound right with my new rig?? Input needed.

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Senior Solid State Aficionado
Dec 19, 2005
New York
Well, some of you are aware of my new purchase:
Asus A8N-SLI Premium (1009 Bios) Mobo
2 Gig Corsair XMS PC3200
Aspire 550 Watt Power Supply <---- Suprisingly Rocks!!
Athlon X2 4800+ clocked in at 2.5 Ghz each core
Serial ATA II WD Caviar 250 MB <------Dead on Arrival
-------Currently using WD Caviar Ultra DMA133 - 120 MB
eVGA Geforce 7800GTX w/256mb <-- Stock core/mem freq.

Except for the SATA-2 hard drive DOA, everything went extremely smooth. Normally when I open a pc and put it together one piece at a time I always run into at least one glitch or install ignorance error.. However, last night was a breeze. Basically a plug and play install on all of the hardware. I did various research on all of the install issues with this motherboard before configuring and my setup went as follows:
1. Powered up PC into Bios and configured.
2. Boot from the cd rom and install win xp pro.
3. Install Service Pack 2 - Network Executable
4. Install Direct X 9.0c
5. Install December Version Nvidia Chipset Drivers for the Mobo
6. Install December Version Forceware Drivers for the 7800GTX
7. Run Sisoft Sandra and pull these numbers:

Drystone ALU - 22683 MIPS
Whetstone iSSE3 - 10351 MFLOPS

Integer X4 - 47252 it/s
Floating Point - 51968 it/s

Memory Benchmarking:
Just a hair under 5 MB/s

8. Run 3d Mark 2005 and post up this result range:
Out of four benchmarks I posted between 8400 and 8500 3dmarks.

The question to you guys, the OC experts:
Does my rig look the way it should? Should I change my configuration around? Should I overclock the GPU or keep it stock? How does my 3d mark score compare for my combo?

Thanks in advance.



Dec 16, 2005
Sounds normal. Your 3dmark05 score.
I got around 8000 with a SLI GT until 81.98 drivers came out..
then it jumped to 10k as it was supposed to be [because of dual core]
Get drivers 81.98. They perform better with dual cores. [i assume they multithreaded it]

Anyhow, SLI no doubtedly gets a boost. And i think the scores are fairly in range and reasonable.

only 3dmark05 since those are the ones i know loll.


Senior Solid State Aficionado
Dec 19, 2005
New York
Thanks for the input bro.
I wonder what SLI would be like on my combo? lol :santa: