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3dmark score seems to low...nature wierd.

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Oct 13, 2002
I get 11,358 with these specs..it seems really low..
2400+ @ 166x12...47* full load
Albatron Ti4200P 128Mb @ 295/630 (can go faster...)
Abit AT7-MAX2
Corsair PC3200 512Mb cas 2 XMS memory

and what is up w/ my nature score @ only 56.6 FPS

Mip-Map maximum

No Antialiasing (checked powerstrip) and no aniastropic

aparture is set to 128Mb

second problem...
I tried to run nature @ 310/650 and i got major artifacts then pressed ESC. now everytime i run that test it goes smoothly then jumps about every 5 seconds..i reinstalled software and put speeds way down but i still get the jump.



Classic Administrator
Nov 23, 2001
Nature one is always the lowest for me. Thats a really wierd problem, usually when I o/c my vid card too much it dosen't even get to the nature part.


Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
nature is the only pure directx8.1 test so its heavily dependant on your gpu.

its always going to be the slowest result because of that.
Nature score does seem very low for that system. I'm getting over 80fps. but I am running a 10% higher Video Core clock. When your doing DX8 stuff like shading pixels etc. in the Nature Demo, a higher Core clock seems to be better than more memory bandwidth.

What do you mean by MipMapping Maximum.. as in best possible quality? That will cost a few points...
I think Most users making a Maximum effort run will turn mip mapping all the way down. It looks ugly, but boosts performance.


Oct 13, 2002
Its not that it's slow but it runs for like 5 seconds and then jumps abound 1/2 second ahead...there's also alot longer time from when the loading screen goes down till when the game comes up--from 1 second to like 5 seconds