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3DMark Steel Nomad

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Mar 7, 2008
Just wondering if people have tried 3DMark's latest free DX12 benchmark Steel Nomad, which I think is meant to succeed Time Spy. If so, what do you think?

I've only ran it a handful of times on my main gaming system (4070). The first 3 runs I got 3786, 3923, 3838 right after each other, a spread of about 3.6%. It feels fairly short to run which is nice in case you end up doing it a lot.

I'm not sure how it fits in. Not really seeing people use it. Maybe still too new and we'll have to wait for next round of GPU releases to see if it gets taken up. On the plus side, I think benchmarks can only be popular if it isn't paywalled like some of the others in 3DMark family. So this being free helps. Example result if anyone wants to compare: https://www.3dmark.com/sn/219213
I actually ran it a few times on my new laptop. It has a "lite" version for systems with iGPUs.

Didn't try the full version yet so I can't really comment on anything "new" though.
I haven't played with it too much outside the day of its release. But assuming it will work out (that run variance you listed Mac, is concerning - though i do 3 runs and average anyway), I plan on using it in reviews here and at Tom's when the new platforms come out.

Mine... 4090 w/ 13900K

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Last night I ran these b2b...

9231, 9291, 9456, 9338... so ~2.4% difference, max, of these runs. As a reviewer it's a bit more than I would like to see, but taking the average helps smooth that out a bit. So far, no issues with moving forward for reviews, but I'll get to test it more next month before I update the review OSs.
Getting a little jealous of your scores. Don't make me overclock my GPU! :D
it is sad how large the discrepancy is between Nvidia and AMD when it comes to benchmarks. steel nomad 4683.jpg