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FEATURED 3DMark TimeSpy released! Post up your scores!

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Ninja'd you... sorry, lol!

I posted my 8K run at TPU, I need to do it here. But that was just with the CPU at 4GHz and the GPU overclocked. So there is still a few hundo more in the 6950x that will help a bit.

All good. I get it now. Disregard MY message. (it was a long day yesterday)

Andreadeluxe, I know people are running around and just throwing each other's bios files on their 1080s to "try them out"....as if it were a suit of clothes. Well, I'll use that analogy again....sometimes, it's not gonna fit, and it's going to go horribly wrong. I would urge a GREAT amount of caution when flashing to a bios that was not meant for your particular card, and even among cards that are the same brand and model number, they could have been manufactured at a different time with different controllers, different memory..... I've flashed my Maxwell bios versions a few thousand times, and I'd never, ever, in a million years do what all these people are doing to their 1080s.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Personally, I would wait for Pascal Bios Tweaker to come out, and modify your own bios, and then reflash it. G'luck
7393 - JRClocker / 5820 K @ 4.3 GHz / GTX 1080 @ 2088 MHz (actual boost) / Memory Clock 1251 MHz

CPU: 5820K @ 4.3 GHz
GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 FTW, +100 on GPU (Boost 2088 MHz), +100 Memory (Boost 5117 x 2 = 10,234 MHz)


Time Spy - 1080.jpg
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What card? Did you install the drivers for it?

Velly - Updated!

JrClocker - Please use the proper format for the data please. This makes it so I can simply copy/paste it into the scoreboard. :)
Weird.. not too concerned with it being invalid here though honestly. Its not like its a contest with prizes, etc.. post the score on up!
Gotta couple things to do first...I'll post up later. A lil' while ago I nuked my win10 install to reinstall uefi wise. Still got some happy crappy to square away.
Well, I nuked FM sys info, d/l'ed newest and installed...nada, same.
But, here's a fresh run afterwards....

6085 - LutaWicasa / 6700K 4.4 GHz / EVGA GTX 1070 FTW @ 2073MHz + 2003 MHz

If you stick the mouse pointer over the validation warning, does it give any more clues?

If you are doing multiple runs in a day, please post up the final result only. :)

EDIT: 8051 - Earthdog / 6950X @ 4 GHz / MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X @ 2101 MHz / 1402 MHz.

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4389 - Tír na nÓg / 5820 K @ 4.8 GHz / GTX 780 ti @ 1360 MHz (actual boost) / Memory Clock 8100 MHz

Ehehehe... Not too shabby for a 3 years old GPU!
753 - mackerel / 4360 3.7 GHz / R7 260X @ 1050 MHz / 1500 MHz

How low can you go? It gave a warning about low vram but still ran anyway.