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FEATURED 3DMark TimeSpy released! Post up your scores!

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2289 - ||Console|| / 4670k 4.8 GHz / 950 gtx @ ACTUAL 1475 / Memory clock 1853 MHz
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Follow the instructions in the first post. :)

You need to run the bench, have CPUz up showing the first tab and memory tab, as well as GPUz. You also need the proper formatting, or close. For example, your post on 12/30 was plenty close enough and I will put it up. :)

EDIT: Your second one, you need to get all the CPUz/GPUz shots in with the score.. one screenshot. Otherwise, things can be manipulated. Not saying you would do that of course, but, its more or less the rules from Hwbot.org where our benchmarking team competes is what we follow. :)

I am updating all scores now......

Console - you don't have the NAME / CPU / GPU jazz man!!! :)

Updated anything close! :)
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Cores/threads matter here, absolutely. It doesn't matter quite as much as in the past (06, Vantage, 11... etc). I'll run quickly with and without.. To clarify, I mean its easier to catch up to a 8t from a 4t, but seemingly not the hex's+.

Thanks Joe,
digging the XXXXX lovin

funny the GPU score went to the 4c4t slightly,

But big 1K advantage in CPU test gives up the big 200 point bump :thup:
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12852 - GoldieFoxx / i7 6700k 4.7 GHz / 2 x GTX 1080 (Zotac AMP! Extreme) @ 2050 MHz / Memory clock 1368 MHz

Cant quite hit 4.8 GHz without going to 1.45v or so which I dont really feel safe doing

Just got an HB SLI Bridge and got a few hundred points of improved score over my last test. :) Also just managed to push into the top 'similiar systems' bracket :p, so I think i've hit the performance roof without getting a titan or x99



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Nice! What voltage did you go to to get 2.2 GHZ on the GPU?

2202 @ 1.075v, 2214 @ 1.081v and 2227 / 2240 @ 1.093v. Just stock voltage. I did a run at 2252 @ 1.093v, but the score dropped off a tiny bit. Will try to get things a little cooler next weekend, maybe -5c and see if it'll run better there.

All these with ambient temps at 0.6c and coolant temps at between 2.1c and 2.7c.
4205 - idfka / Intel 2500K @ 4.3 GHz / RX 480 @ 1425 MHz / Memory clock 2250 MHz

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So, a little late to the party here.....

I can only get 160 bump on the core but the memory is at +500 on my 980ti. No voltage added yet. Keeping it cool seems to be the issue. Maybe a water block if I can find a deal on one.