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FEATURED 3DMark TimeSpy released! Post up your scores!

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First post. New rig.

12343 - ginty87 / i7 7700k 4.9GHz / 2 x GTX 1080 Founders @ 2012 MHz / Memory clock 5049 MHz

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9379 - Woomack / [email protected] / GTX1080Ti@ 1623/1498 Stock FE cooler


Quick run, I guess it can make some more but score is low because of quad core cpu. Core boost is something about 2000MHz.
No SS just wanted to run this while I had the Ryzen 7 1700x cold to see how it did. Slight OC on the 980Ti. 10500 CPU score, not too shabby even with FM's dislike of AMD CPUs


Time spy 6733.JPG
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Got a new score after upgrading to my 1080 Ti FE.


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6797 - mackerel / R7 1700 3.6 GHz / Vega 56 @ 1667 MHz / 900 MHz

I don't know actual core clock when running as it varies a lot. I also seemed to have reduced stability when I have monitoring tools open and perhaps they need some updates for compatibility. Monitoring tab of GPU-Z was very empty, but hwinfo64 has lots more info although I'm not sure I can trust all of it. 3DMark sysinfo doesn't correctly recognise Vega yet.

WattMan settings:
Frequency: +5%
Voltage P6 and P7 both to 1100mV (undervolt from 1150/1250 respectively)
Target fan speed: 3139 (stock 2400)
Power limit: +50%
Temperature target: 80C (stock 75C)
Mem clock 900 (stock 800)
Mem voltage: 1000 (stock 950)

I feel there is still more to be gotten out of this, but I really should do other things!
This hasn't been updated in over a year... 366 days even. My fault. Would anyone like to take over? LMK and we can work something out. :)
10,276 - LRG5 / Ryzen 2700x @ stock (air )/ Ram 3466 - CL14 /1080 Ti no mod. Air

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Nice sub LRG5, the info we're looking for is GPU core and mem speed the sensor tab is good but you need to set it to show max