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3DMark2000/2001 stability with Athlon systems?

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Apr 25, 2001

I would like to know how long you can run the default benchmarks of 3DMark2000 and 3DMark2001 in an infinite loop.

Background info:
It’s now 4 weeks that I tweak my new system to get it 100% stable. But ask myself now if 3DMark200x is bug free at all? :)

System 1:
Asus A7V133, Bios 1004
T-Bird 1200/266
Elsa Gladiac Ultra (GeForce2 Ultra, 64MB DDR)
1 x 256MB PC133 CL3 Infineon
SB Live! Player 1024
400W Leadman PSU

System 2:
Asus K7V, Bios 1007
Classic Athlon 800 Slot A
Hercules 3D Prophet II (GeForce2 MX, 32 MB)
2 x 256MB PC133 CL3 Infineon
SB Live! Player 1024
400W Leadman PSU

Both system are not overclocked, cooling is not the problem, Bios and drivers are OK (I spent the last 4 weeks testing different configs). Running Win2k!

3DMark2000 behaves the same on both systems – crash after 4 to 5 hours.
3DMark2001 behaves the same on both systems – crash after 3 hours.

What are your values?

Happy tweaking

I have a Duron 650, I had it running for 2 hours no probs on 3DMark 2000. 2001 is a problem. It doesn't run very well (budget PC) but its never locked up. I get a massive gigantic humungous whopping score:


Duron 650 / 128MB PC133 / 30GB Seagate Barrucada HDD ATA66/7200rpm / Jetway 663AS Pro Mobo / GeForce 2 MX 32MB Graphics AGP 4x

thanks for your input. Just to comfort you, with my Athlon 800/GF2 MX I get also only 2070 3DMark2001 points! :) (Win2k though)

Any other experiences? A7V133 / K7V owners?
Pleeeaaaaaase! :)

Happy tweaking

I got you all beat..... I can't even run enought of the tests on my Voodoo 3 to get a 3D mark on the 3dmark2k1. LOLOLOL. No matter what I do it wont run the first test it just kicks me out. I guess that makes my score 0!!!! LOL. Heck, on 3dmark2k I only get 3700. Time for a new video card I guess.

3DMark2001 stability with Athlon systems?

3DMark2000 seems to run stable now, just problems with 3DMark2001 left....


Happy tweaking


thanks for the link - maybe I can find a solution for my problem before I start throwing bits of hardware out of the window! :)

Happy tweaking

OK, I tried the 3DMark Thing. I'm using WinMe, put the GeForce 2 MX up to 205/215, Duron 650 at 708, and I can run it all day and all night (I manage dto get 3DMark 2k running from 9am to 9pm no probs [score 4586] and I will try 3dMark 2001 tomorrow). I have to be careful - I get a smell of burning when my Duron hits 40 degrees C

D650 @ 708
128MB PC133 Noname RAM
GeForce 2 MX 205/215
(I need to make this info my signature!)

good - waiting for your results! :)

Happy tweaking