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3dmark2001 skips one test on my GF2 Ultra

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Apr 13, 2001
When I run 3DMark 2001 it skips the 'nature' test saying that something isn't supported in the hardware. I don't remember exactly which test number that is.

She my hardware below. I'm running WinME, DirectX 8.0a and Nvidia 6.50 reference drivers.

Does this happen to anyone else?
Some test arent suported by your video card in 3dMark2001 probably the nature test for one. There is nothing you can do about it your video card just cant do some tests.
yep happens to me to
I have a Raedon64mb,W2k, DirectX 8.0a
its the 4th test, never figured it out..I just figured it was a feature that wasnt used yet
Some of the Geforce 3 features are specifically tested with 3dmark 2001, which is why the GF2 doesn't run that test... I can't either; just imagine that if we could our scores would be even lower!
Ok. I just wanted to be sure something wasn't wrong with my new system.

Do you think 4110 is a good score for my system? It seems like only the GF3 can get near or over 5000.
There is a .dll floating around, it's name is something like d3d700.dll. I put this in my system, and I can run the nature test now. It also gave me about a 15% increase in points too. Seems this dll was supposed to be included in DirectX 8.0 but for some reason only Microsoft can explain, it was left out.

ONLY Geforce 3 cards support these nature tests. They would choke a Geforce 2. I can only get 25fps in this test with my GF3 card.

I am getting 6200 Points total for 3D Mark 2001 at 1024x768x32.
ok can somone please give more info on this missing dll I would realy like to just see the nature test on my computer.

I'm not sure that you need that dll.
If you run the demo you can see the nature scene.
It might run like poo, but there it is!
Is it the scene with the awesome looking trees with the wind gently blowing the leaves? I DO see that in the demo. I can't believe how lifelike that looks.
hey there...just like phiber had said, the 3dMark2001 is optimized for the GeForce3 video cards, so id stick with test your benchmark scores with the 3dMark2000 for ur GeForce2...

The test that GeForce 2 card can take on the 3Dmark2001 deal with the Environment bump Mapping and the Pixel Shader. Both are NOT supported by any card except the GeForce 3. They are new ways to render the image, part of the nFinity Engine. As nVidia worked close to Microsoft DirectX team, this two new characteristic are supported by DirectX 8 and possibly by other cards in the future.....