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3rd board in a row died. HELP!

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Apr 3, 2004
Hello! :) :(

I was a happy owner of a NF7.
Once when flashing BIOS I either got the chip corrupt or did a bad flash.
The board wont POST.
Local store replaced the BIOS chip - it was indeed dead.

Got it back. Onboard NIC dead.
Got it replaced.(Below:"2nd board")
Note:2nd board wasn't new.

2nd Board wouldn't POST with my R9800.
Board checked. Vid.card checked. Both worked but not together.
"You friend your AGP slot". Whatever.

Got the board replaced.(Below: 3rd board)
Note: 3rd board wasn't new.It had 3 PCB tracks exposed on it's back.between NB and socket.

Board worked great for a week.
Yesterday I noticed the CPU temp is getting higher (SP97+Tt SF2 , AS5 properly applied) : 48-50C at 1.79-1.82V.
Today I restarted to set the clock lower and Voltage lower.
Great.Set the setting. Reboot. No Post.

Did all of the following one by one:
Power off. CMOS cleared. Battery out.Battery in.
No post.
1 by 1:Video card out.USB wires out.Keyboard etc wires out.RAM out. :(
CPU out. :cry: . CPU replaced by Duron.
No POST after each step.2 leds on, no beeps.
I noted that when power is on, the Duron core gets warm to touch.

This board is definately dead.
I will try to find a PSU to replace and unscrew the board to check shorts.

Now it's the 3rd board dying.I'm not that great of a PC technician, but I do things by book, carefully, and don't practice CPU hot swaps etc.

Has anyone experienced this kind of problems?
I would appreciate any help before I get my local store bandrupt.


Dec 28, 2002
First Board: bad BIOS flashes - it happens
Second and Third Boards: All I need to say is "not new"

Sorry to hear that they put you through so much grief, but in my experience, you really dont know what you're getting when you get something that's used.


Apr 3, 2004
Thanks for replies.

Obviously nothing good can come out from getting recycled boards, but there's nothing I can do about it.

At least it's not (always) me.

It's gonna be fun.Ill install a small countdown clock on my front panel, and do gaussian statistics about half lives of dying board.