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3rd re-write!!! About REAL double Peltier...

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Jan 8, 2001
What is wrong with the Server!!!
i am rewriting and rewriting.


is 2 peltier, one on the other

HHHHH <--peltier
HHHHH <--peltier
TTTTTT <--cpu

a good idea?
anyone tried?

how do you figure out how many watts it is?

and how do you find out front and back?
This has been tried, and is not a valid method. The second pelt has to deal with the cpu's heat plus the heat from the first pelt, and unless it's a monster it can't keep up. For dual pelts you have to put them both on the cold plate.
TEC's in series is a hard thing to do right...in my own opinion is not worth it (dimishing returns)
Stacked TEC's should be different sizes. The largest goes against the waterblock, the smaller one (1/ to 1/3 of the size of the larger one) goes against the cpu. That way you get the temperature differential of two TEC's but a reduced heat dissipation. Don't even consider anything but water cooling for multiple TEC assemblies.
Stacking peltiers is just DANGEROUS!


Many have tried it, and many have reported it's falling very short of what it looks like on paper.

On paper, a TECs Qmax should be 2X (give or take 10%)the amount of heat (in watts) that the CPU puts out.

So if a CPU puts out 42watts, an 85watt TEC would be Ideal. But the next TEC would need to be truly massive. S=>(F+C)2

S= second TEC Qmax
F= first TEC Qmax
C= CPU energy loss measured in watts

Therefore the second TEC would need to have a Qmax of 254 or more watts.

Now figure that that Assembly generates S+F+C and that comes to 381. Find a heatsink/water cooling rig that will effectively cool that, yeah right! Bare in mind that we started assuming that the CPU puts out 42watts, some of these AMD CPUs are putting out 80watts. Lets do the math again.


720watts is next to impossible to remove with the cooling solution size restrictions that are realistic for PCs (even with vapor phase cooling).

Therefore: Stacking peltiers is not nearly as good as one would think.