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400W enough for GTX 1060?

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New Member
Feb 3, 2017
Hello, this is my first post. I'm considering upgrading my GPU after upgraded my system a couple months ago. Right now my specs are:
i3 6100
Asrock H110M-DVP
Ripjaws V 16gb 2133
GTX 750 2gb
Agility 3 120
Toshiba 1tb hdd
soundblaster X-fi platinum

and my PSU is the Corsair Vengeance V400 which is 400W 80plus bronze grade.It has 2 PCI-e 8pin power cables. According to JonnyGuru's review this is a tier 1 psu, but I'm not certain if it could handle a 120W GPU like the GTX1060. Everywhere I asked I get mixed answers; others say I need at least 450W or even 500W and advise me to change the psu or choose the 1050ti instead. My consumption with the 1060 in several power calculators is around 275W.
What is your opinion? Can my psu handle the 1060? Thanks.
51W CPU, 120W (nominal) GPU, add 100W for MB + cards + RAM + drives (rough guesstimate), no OC'ing of CPU, you should be o.k. with your current PSU.
I used a 1060 in a mini ITX system running off of an Enermax 270W SFX PSU with no problems. The CPU was an i3-6300, same as yours.
51W CPU, 120W (nominal) GPU, add 100W for MB + cards + RAM + drives (rough guesstimate), no OC'ing of CPU, you should be o.k. with your current PSU.

Even WITH OC'ing he should be fine. Corsair makes extremely efficient power supplies. Hell I have a 4690k and a GTX 960 on a 450watt power supply. I doubt I'm using more than HALF that.
Agree with Rainless, though I'm always a little weary. The problem is that too little juice under 100% load leading to artifacts, freezing, crashing or 'spontaneous' resets is something hard to predict on the basis of desktop/light-gaming behaviour, and peak gaming loads tend to be much bigger than optimistic promises imply. In any case, real 400W, not overly/badly aged, should manage an i3 and a 1060, just one PCI(E) card and not too many drives. Amperage could be worth checking, in addition to wattage.
I had pc with [email protected]+GTX1070 and 450W SFX Corsair PSU not so long time ago and it was working fine. Fan in the PSU wasn't even spinning for most of the time what means there wasn't ~50% load.
Usually peak wattage on 12V is about as much as PSU total wattage but can't add all values, cut it in half and you get about 200W for 12V what seems reasonable for 24/7 work on bronze 80 units... so ~50W CPU+150W gfx card+30W all other stuff = ~230W real power during load is what you need. That's quick counting but shouldn't be far from reality. Simply since you have that PSU then try if it's working fine ( I bet it will be fine ). If not then just replace PSU later.
Thanks for your inputs, you really helped me to figure this out.