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42.70 Det issues?

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New Member
Jul 5, 2002
Huntsville, AL
I recently added an Albatron GF4 Ti4200 Turbo to my system and am using the 42.70 Dets. System ran fine for a day or so but after connecting my TV out and trying to watch a video file Windows Media Player locked up, files play fine in Power DVD however. No biggie at first but now Windows will lock up intermittently to the point I have to hit the reset button to restart the machine. This is happeneing maybe 3 or 4 times in an hour when I am doing something on my computer...........much more often than I would like needless to say.

Odd thing here to me is it won't do this when I am playing Q3 or UT2003.............both play quite well. It happens either in Windows Explorer or when I am surfing the net. System locks up, no HD or CPU activity and there is no right clicking the taskbar and bringing up the task manager to close the hung app.

Given the nature of the problem my first thought was heat but in all honesty if it doesn't get hot enough to lock up in UT2003 or Q3 then I seriously doubt that's the problem in Windows. I haven't OC'd either the processor or the Vid card as yet so that's not an issue either. I have disconnected the TV out and restored the default settings to the card..........except for anti-aliasing and setting mipmap to best performance and the problem persists.

Suggestions and/or advice is appreciated.