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420 watt load 10 degrees C raise in temp cooling setup, no chillers.

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thoughts? Sounds cool (pun intended) but expensive. One very important concept we can take away from this is:
Thermacore's new heat exchanger has specially designed airflow channels that prevent hot air from coming in contact with cold air.

That sounds a lot like "you need good case ventilation" to me. Many times this is overlooked.
it's a fricken heat pipe. The they thing made for the military doesn't seem to be on the website anywhere. The cool thing about that device is that it's made in such a way that air only flows one way with no moving parts (from what the artical suggests). Otherwise they're all just heatpipes, nothing special.
It is heatpipes, and the heat exchanger tubing is heatpipe also. But Just think about it, no need for pumps and i think the setup the military was using was based on this

High Heat Flux Electronics 0.6 m Ammonia
-40 to 80°C SS Nickel,
Titanium 500 W 100 W/cm² 35 K

on this page http://www.thermacore.com/thermaloop.htm
Somthing that can take a 100 W/cm2 with a 500 watt capacity would be amazing. You could even run pelts and get around the same temps if nont better results as with a large waterchiller setup. Yeah, it looks like it would be really expensive but should drop in price somday. And when it does, will be very interesting.