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4444 3DMARK2001 score for R9200SE & Athlon 1.4?

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Jul 3, 2002
Cairo, Egypt
The card terribly suck
it is clocked @200/166(DDR) and scored me a lousy 4444 SCORE of 3d mark2001 non-se
MY old GF2MX scored me after some tweaking 35XX
My system :
Athlon 1400 C (133)
512 MEGS PC2700 DDR
Soltek Nforce2 MOBO
Radeon Catalyst 3.8 Driver
IS this score good for that piece of s***
9200se is the cheapest version of the cheapo card man. Thats like being the co executive assistant vice president. the 9200 pro will get upwards of 8000.
9200se is like an 8500lele. your score is low because of the crappy clocks on the card and your cpu
I wouldn't even put a 9200SE on par with a 8500LELE...

I'd guestimate that you'll get around 7000 with Tbird 1.4 and a 8500LELE. I got to 10k with a Palomino and 8500LE.
i dont know the details on the 9200se and its performance but i get 4200 with a 9000pro and a old coppermine celeron 766 that is oced to around 850, you should get much better then my score, try to reinstall/install newer drivers and directx, defragging your hd might help and make sure you dont have other stuff running when you benchmark