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4790k water cooled with high temps?

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Mar 21, 2016
Hello all,

I currently run 2x titanX and a 4790k on a single loop with 2x 240 alphacool rads, 2x corsair SP120 per rad, and a AF140 in the back as exhaust inside a define R5.

I've noticed while gaming with "optimised defualts" in the bios on the CPU my average temperatures are 55-60c on the GPU's and 70-75c on the CPU with the fans running at 12v highest speed via the define R5 built in controller.

I'm semi new to water cooling but I always thought while gaming the GPU being most used would yield highest temps.

Do I have a duff CPU or not enough cooling?

Reservoir is a EKWB D5 variable 240 combo and ambient room is usually about 25c maximum all radiator fans are intakes (Drawing outside air)

Any help or advice would be great, here is the rig setup for reference.

You are pumping warm air inside the case and have only one exhaust. Not optimal. I would flip the fans around on top as exhaust so you have better airFLOW. Are you sure you are getting at least 1GPM flow (preferably 1.5GPM)? I see the CPU appears to be 'last' in the loop after 500W of heat... but a properly flowing and radded loop, it shouldn't make that much of a difference.

That said, you are a bit under-radded. A general rule of thumb is 100W /120mm worth of radiator. You seem to have 480mm worth of radiator for almost 600W load.

So, when you set 'optimised defaults', what is the clock speed and voltage on load?
Also from what I gather he's dumping the GPU's heat straight into the CPU without a break. Loop should be:

Res/pump> RAD1>GPUs>RAD2>Cpu> back to res/pump. This way some of that gpus heat is pulled away before it gets to the Cpu.
Yep, caught and mentioned that. Loop order doesn't make much of a difference if it is properly radded and flowing... we need to tackle that.
If you take off the side part of your case and run it for a while, what happens to your temperatures?
They'll drop maybe 5c.

My gpu's are last in loop as cpu is first after both rads
That is a pretty fair amount, especially considering you are running all intake on the rads as is...

I would flip the fans up top to exhaust and see if that minimizes the difference between no panel and panel.
Ok I'll give that a try and get back to you later today.

But seems as if I'm looking at new rads right to match the tdp?
That would help lower the temperatures some, sure!

Truth be told though, the temps are fine. The GPUs wont throttle and the CPU isn't hot (its warm for the loop, but, just fine).
Its not that bad but your temps are just slightly better than air temps. If you want better temps, you need more rad.
It's worth noting that I've had heat issues with this processor as well. I'm running a loop with a 9x 140mm rad (see buildlog in signature). Only 1 of my gpu's are currently included in the loop. This is my cpuid temp readings after 6 days of normal uptime (24/7 folding, with some breaks for gaming)


When i was on the stock cooler, my temps were topping 105c. I've considered de-lidding to see if i can drop temps that way, but it's never felt worth it to risk a +$300 cpu for a few degrees off already safe temps.

I'd go with the advice that's already been given. Flip your top fans to exhaust air out. Don't worry about loop order, it's not significant since the coolant will reach an equilibrium temp regardless of loop order. It's not worth the headache, especially since you're running hardline.

edit: Just re-read your post, those titanx temps are pretty high too, this signifies that like previously stated, you definitely need more rad to drop temps. If you're willing to give up your dvd drive, you can pull that drive cage out and custom mount a longer rad in the top. Otherwise it looks like you may need a new case.
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Looks like he is running on the absolute bare minimum of rads ie. A single 120 plus a 120 for each component he is cooling.

If you are only dropping around 5C with the side removed then flipping the fans from intake to exhaust ain't going to help all that much - ie it will only achieve 5C at best, no different to having the side off.

Crux of the issue is that you really require more rad area for that config if you want to run a lot cooler or run slower fan speeds.

BTW - If done properly, delidding a 4790K will usually net you around 10 to 20C drop in CPU temps.
Looks like you are only using 1 of the top drive bays. If you can relocate that drive, you can increase your top rad from 2x120 to 3x120.
Is there a fan hole up there?

On the R5 there is, the 5.25 cage is removable just like the HDD cage.

Definately more rad though. I have an R4 with a 30 mm 240 and a 64mm 240 and with lesser cards (970's) and still hit mid 70s on the CPU but the GPU'S are usually in the low 40s