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4k and 1080 at same time? dual 7970 oc

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Dec 15, 2012

So I currently have a single 1080 monitor connected to my pc. I am considering adding a second monitor (4k). I will be working with editing 4k video content, large photos etc, and having a 4k monitor would be obviously useful.

Is it possible for me to run a 4k monitor, and a 1080p monitor at the same time?

What would you recommend around 27''? I do some light gaming on this pc, but its mostly just for normal browsing, life management, etc.

i5-3570k, 32g 1866 ram, 2x HD 7970 OC.


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Sep 16, 2003
Knoxville, TN
I don't see why you couldn't as I've done this before on much older systems and if I recall what you're describing is part of the whole Eyefinity deal. If you're looking for suggestions on a monitor it really depends on how important the video editing you're talking about is.

If it has to be color correct and by that I mean for professional use then I would look at ones that say they are Adobe calibrated. Typically this means buying an Apple certified display.



But bear in mind you *WILL* pay for it but it will be correct and not suffer from over saturation. A quick google search turned this up as well:



Nov 16, 2004
This could just be years of IT ignorance building up haha... but from hooking up all sorts of monitors over the years and hooking up 2k and 4k monitors more often in the last year I want to say that you should be able to hook up as many displays as your GPU can handle all in their native resolutions.

You shouldn't have any issues running a 4k and a 1080p screen off your two GPUs as they support the resolution and support multiple displays.

I've been hooking up 2k/4k displays with 1080p displays off of a variety of HP Laptops and even they support that function so your desktop should be light years ahead.