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4k or 21:9 for PC?

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Jul 30, 2008
Currently have three 32" 1080p monitors; but they are cheapo $180 Walmart screens. After purchasing a 4k TV for the living room, I just can't deal with the crappy picture quality I currently have in comparison, so I want to upgrade.

I'm pretty torn between either getting a 40 - 43" 4k tv and using it for my pc monitor, or grabbing a 34" LG 3440x1440p ultrawide monitor.

Powering either display isn't an issue (current specs are in my sig). Just a matter of which will meet my needs/wants the best.

I'm a programmer, so multitasking is the number one priority -- always have several windows/programs open at a time (IDE/editor, browser, music or video, hardware monitoring, etc etc).
Also game a bit on the PC. Other than that, just want a crisp picture and good color reproduction.

Any thought, opinions or experiences on which may be a better choice for me? Down the road, another triple monitor setup is a possibility for either scenario, if that makes a difference (I do realize that would require more than a pair of 970s that I currently have).

I think you'd really like the Ultrawide for your work tasks. Now running a triple Ultrawide is a somewhat bizarre endeavor. Linus tech tips made a video of 3 and it is interesting, but I'd say not very realistic.

I personally use 3x1440p 27" (2560x1440) screens and love it, but couldn't imagine anything larger add it takes up the entirety of the long side of my L desk and hangs over the sides a bit.
Sorry for the old thread bump, but did the OP ever choose a monitor? I currently have a 29" ultrawide and it's nice, but I want g-sync so I'm debating 32" 4k or 34" ultrawide.