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4k uhd tv with evga gtx 960 ftw

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Apr 21, 2015
I plan on buying a 4k uhd tv (LG 49uh6500) to use as a monitor to replace the pos I have (hisense). I'm more concerned about what text would look like than how many fps I'll get in a game (I don't play many games). I have the evga gtx 960 ftw 2 gb.
The tv I'm using now is a 1080p hisense and I've had it less than a year and the screen now has dark spots in it,not dead pixels. But it is was cheap and it shows. That's why I was asking about the 4k because I plan on buying one. I just wanted to make sure the money I'm spending on the new tv is going to be worth it.
Take a look at Seiki. Their main strength is that they will also do 1080p at 120Hz (that's a real 120FPS), perfect for dual purpose workstations/gaming PCs. They also use MVA panels, not TN.
I bought a 49" LG IPS panel UHD (4K) TV and it is magnificent. got mine during black friday of 2015 shipped to my door from best buy i think it was like 525$ and has been stellar. The only thing I would suggest is that to make sure you do your homework on which ever one you buy and make sure it is an IPS panel if not the freaking lag will make you not want to even play games on it im thinking mine is either the 2014 or the 2015 model. also you want to make sure your card can run at 4k which yours can, i have got mine hooked up to 2 980 ti's.
The one I got was the vizio d55u-d1. Yes it at the low end of the of the 4 k scale but it does have a beautiful picture. So far I am very pleased with it, although it is kinda big to use as a monitor.
That's about equivalent to 4 27" 1080p monitors in a 2x2 grid, without the borders. Perfect for viewing and editing photos, although someone really into it would probably want an IPS panel.

MVA panels (or even good TN panels for that matter) work just fine for gaming.