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4PCA3+ voltages

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Dec 9, 2002
Voltages seem strange and I'm not thinking that it's the board. When I first boot at default settings set by bios, it tells me my core voltage is 1.45 and that vagp is 1.42 or so. Also it reports my +5 at 4.6-4.8 and my +12 at about 11.5-11.6.

The powersupply is a new 400w Antec Smartpower (came with the case, if I were going to buy a supply, it would be a good Fortron/Sparkle or Truepower). So, my question to the rest of you running the 4PCA3+ is does your board report your voltages to be lower than they are? How about temps, does it report them high? Lemme know, I'm curious if I have to order a new PS :mad:
Come now, no one with this board can tell me if it accurately reports voltages and temperatures? I would appreciate it if one of you can post a quick reply.
I have the Antec truepower 550w, and mine is also showing low wattage almost like your. I don't know what is it that report low wattage and I didn't bother to check since my system is running stable anyway.

As for the temp, I think it's reporting correctly. I'm using the thermaltake hardcano 10, which come with a termal probe which I place under the cpu. When the system idle it's report about 10C higher than the probe, but at load it reported exactly the same as the probe.
similar for me, with 2 different powersupply I have :
+5V = 4.85
+12 = 11.8
for the Vcore used USDM 1.09.1V
and when you put vcore = 1.75V the Vcore mesured = 1.65V

it's probably a bug
Thanks guys, sounds like the motherboard is just reporting the voltages wrong. I took my multimeter to an empty molex connector right off the powersupply and even as the mobo was reporting 4.7 on the 5 volt line, I recorded 5.02 on my multimeter. Like you said, it's stable...not a big deal then, certainly not enough of a deal to blemish this fine mobo.

Thanks for the answers guys!
I recently built a system with this board (rev 2.2)...so although the voltages say 1.488 for my vcore in cpu-z it is really what i set it to in bios? Also, i tried to set up mbm 5 to view temps in windows... for some reason when i set the cpu temp sensor...winbond 2 ...it says it is 88 degrees C and shuts my comp down immediately...but during the boot up it says it is between 38 and 47...anyone else have this problem...if so have they found a solution?
Quagabow, get the latest version of MBM5 and let it set up the monitor for you. You just choose 4pca3 series from the list of motherboards and it will work just fine. You don't have to choose the sensor.