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5 Billion which is NOT the Powerball jackpot just yet.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
We are still #10 in the world. We were in danger of being #11 before getting back to #10 but it looks like things are getting better for us. At the current standings, we will take the #9 spot first. So we will progress up before we get taken back to #10. There are a combination of things going on making this change.
1) We are doing better as a team. Earning more points and trending up.
2) Our closest "threat" is trending down. Earning less points.
Make no mistake, we are still being out produced by a SUPER user but we are holding our ground and we are making them earn the spot.

We have dropped to 47 active users. This means that those of us who are folding are folding more. WOOT! That's always a good thing but more active folders is always better. So keep earning all you can and let's get more active members doing the same. More equals more better. You knew that though. ;)

Top 23 are earning 1 million ppd or more. This is more than we've had for a while. Great job!
Top 10 are earning 10 million ppd or more.
Top 3 are earning 30 million ppd or more! Woot!
Top 2 are earning 40 million ppd or more! WOOT!
HayseK is earning more than 50 million ppd! Woot WOOT!

All of these numbers are great. You guys have found a way to heat your home and help scientists cure stuff. Happy times for us all.

harlam357 has just earned 5 BILLION! WOOT! WOOT! Please congradulate harlam357 on this milestone.
rafjr00 just earned 70 million.
kpetersonpt just earned his first million! First milestones are always the funnest. Keep it going. :)

Great job on the milestones.

If you have an idea of what you would like to see in the weekly updates post them below. If you want to send encouragement, post it below. If you wish to issue a challange, post it below. This isn't YouTube so we don't get ad dollars for likes, subscribes and comments. We just get to know each other and bond as a team. So post early, post often and we'll see ya next week.