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5 Delta 80mm 2 Sunon 120mm 43c WTF???

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Apr 17, 2001
My temp should be alot lower, what the heck is goin on? I have 2 in the bottom front blowin in 2 in the back suckin out 1 on the MC462 and the 2 120's r blowin on the boards n cpu.
If I got that right you have 2x 120mm and 2x 80mm sucking in and only 2x 80mm for exaust. Your air flow is way out of balance you need cloase to the same amount in as out. Also if you go to crazy with fans you can disrupt the flow through the case. Plan the layout carefully a nice even flow is much better then a random one with fans fighting eachother.
Actually one of the back fans was bein blocked by some duct tape :p and my PS fan wasn't workin.