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512kb Cache Athlons ??

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Sep 29, 2002
i read about them upping the cache to 512 on a few different european sites. maybe it's the clawhammer?

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
Barton is an AthlonXP core that has 512KB of L2 cache instead of the 256 that we're used to see on current XP chips. In my opinion the Bartons will be even cooler than the Tbred Bs cause the die size is much bigger than the Tbred B, but the watts that the CPU will put out won't change much, so heatsinks won't have such hard time dissipating the heat from such a small cores, and therefore overclocking potencial should only increase as they will also use the latest Tbred B steppings as well.


Jun 30, 2002
I agree The Coolest barton should be a decent overclocker. Not only will it use the latest core revision and have a larger die size. The new barton will probably use the best stepping of the T-bred core as a base. (currently AIUGB correct me if I am wrong) This stepping is the latest one and is said to have the greatest OC potential. I belive Opptainer has his at 2.8 with a prometia.

All I can say after that is I cannot wait for my Prommy and my Barton, no AXP 2400+ for me unless they go under 100 :) Of course i may wait a stepping or two if barton does not impress me off the bat :p


Jul 15, 2002
Im having problems cooling the 2400+ so the larger die size on Barton can only be a good thing. Cant wait to get a Prometia either - what system to use it on will be the hardest decision!


Moderator #666
Nov 13, 2001
512kb cache.

When I was @ Phx AMD Reality Check / Hype-night, the AMD guy
on stage, was asking questions about AMD cpu's.
One of his q's was how much cache was going to be on one of the upcuming cpu's.
(I don't remember which one)
The correct answer was 640 kb of cache.
I am still looking at which one it might be.
Or he was waaaaaay out in left field.

(Left field isn't that far from a home run;) )

just some info.