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512mb Bank1 & 256MB Bank2?

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Mar 30, 2002
I currently have a bad bank of 512MB Nanya PC2700 ram . Its being replaced by the company I bought the computer from and they shipped it today. I had no idea they would be shipping it so soon. (was guessing I would have to send mine in first then give them time to check it out then send it) So I had already ordered a 256MB stick of Mushkin Basic Green PC2700 Ram to tide me over. So my question is should I keep the Mushkin and run 768MB of ram in 2 banks? Send it back and keep my $43 ? How does 2 different make/size modules of ram work together like this? Good performance boost from that extra 256MB?

oh the SIS Sandra called the memory 32Mx8 , is this what the mushkin memory is labeled as 32Mx64bit on new egg? What exactly is the difference? 8 bit memory?! (PC2700 DDR)

system spec:
amd xp 2600 barton
asus k7v8x-x mobo
memory situation above
chaintech geforce 4 fx 4000 (128MB 8x agp)

Thanks a bunch and yes i know the video card sucks, thats why I am thinking of sending the mushkin back , so I can get a decent vid card ($75-$100 range prob)

Don K

Oct 31, 2003
Cartoon Capitol (DK)
I would send the 256 mb back, and buy an extra 512 when the need arises. Should you decide to buy a new motherboard along the way, you'll be able to run 2*512 ram in dual channel.