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53c too high for athlon 2000xp?

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Sep 20, 2002
cpu - athlon 2000xp,mobo - MSI K7T TURBO 2,heat sink - Coolermaster heat pipe HHC-001 + 7000rpm fan,casing - ICUTE 8310SL with 6 fan,thermal paste - Coolermaster.Room temp is 25c-28c.Temp on idle 53c and 63c on load(Prime95).I want to know that is my temp still ok?
whoa that is high...When I first built an amd system I was getting 51c I upgraded to a cheap 5 dollar heatsink and AS3 now getting 43c
theyre quite high, people dont reccomend going over 60, most hate to go over 50. If its running stable and fine then u should be ok as long as ur confident it wont go over that temp. If i were u i would definately buy a new hs. (with copper base)
i can't stand when my temp hit's 40C, i couldn't handle 50C.

right now my CPU temp is 32C and case temp is 28C (under load i hit about 37-39C)

i would try reseating your heatsink and re-apply thermal paste
some XP2000+s get bad temps for no reason. I had an XP 2k AGOIA and HHC-001 like him and it got 48-57C. lapped, great case cooling, low room temps, everything. the lowest I ever got it was 43C at my family cabin in the mountains becasue that place when the lgihts are of niside is FREEZING even in the dead heat of summer! So it could just be like mine was and want to be anal...