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53c too hot for XP2000?

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Apr 5, 2002
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Hi all,
Just put together My new PC and I think its running too hot.
Its been idoling for an hour and is holding steady at 53c.

I'm running a swiftech MCX462 cooler. I was expecting lower temps.

running AMDxp2000 (no OC yet)
ASUS a7v333MB
Lian-li case with 2 front fans 1 top fan rear fan and enermax PS with fan.
1 gig DDR333
all interior cables are rounded for better flow.

If this is too high could i have not mounted the heatsync right? I am using a non conductive spacer between base and heatsync. I also used artic silver. Did I not put enough on?

Should I remove the spacer?

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

thanks againg for taking the time to read this.
I always replace my artic silver when I remove the heatsink. First I clean the cpu and heatsink with rubbing alcohol. Then i apply a little AS to the heatsink, put my finger in a plastic bag, and rub the AS into the heatsink as if it were suntan lotion. Next I evenly spread the AS onto the cpu evenly, and carefully attach the heatsink.
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I don't like spacers/shims or whatever people call them. Other people think they are as important as thermal compound. It's a long debate that I dont want to start. How are you measuring the temps? Thermistors are unreliable & I don't think ASUS have made a MoBo that can read the internal temp sensor properly yet. What fan are you using?

A few suggestions;
1. Try reseating the HSF & apply ASII/3 properly.
2. Make sure you get enough pressure on the CPU but no to much that you crush the core. 25Lbs max.
3. Find some other way of checking the temps.
I would have to agree with not using the shim. another thing to consider is that asus has had problem in the past with reporting temps a lot higher than what they really are.
Thanks for the info guys. This is my first time using asus. My other AMD box is an FICad-11 whis has run flawlessly. This mobo had some nice reviews so I figured I'd try it.

This is also the first time I'm using the shim and I thing I'm gonna remove it. I was just not sure about the best thing to use to remove the old artic. I put just a paper thin coat on the core with a razor. Maybe it was too thin! hahaha

Nice case. I read your forum and Just to let you know I have painted the bezels on my components to match my LianLI case. Regular acrylic spray paint seems to work fine. I even got a decent result with chrome paint. I'm not sure what the final bezel colors will be. So far purple and chrome are in the lead. I'm using old drives for testing before I paint the real things.

As oifr the fans I'm using the stock case fans that came with the lian li. I have an enermaxEG465P-VE FCA PS with interior fan and a Swiftech MCX462 CPU cooler. I use the same cooler on my other AMD and it runs at about 36-40c

thanks again fo rthe info. I'll post back after I remove the shim.
Hmm, these are load temps right? In your irst post you said it was idling at 53C I figure thats a misprint right? 50C at load isnt that unreal. Mine hits that sometimes with the Alpha. Still be sure you are getting good contact. When you removed the HSF was there a good square of arctic silver on the underside? Thats how you can tell if it was making complete contact.

Mine is hot also..

Yep. Just got an Athlon XP 2000+ system up and running myself today. Abit KR7A-133RAID mobo, and Alpha PAL 8045 HSF. I was expecting WAY cooler temps also. It idles around 50 Celsius. Under load it is hitting 55 or so. I too am using a non-conductive shim. Think I should tighten the HSF down some more? The Alpha should perform much better than this. Seems like I should be in low 40's while idle, not 50-51.

What you thinK?


PS -- BTW-- I'm using Winbond Hardware Doctor and Mobo Monitor 5 for temp reporting.
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I have th exact same setup actually. Mine idles around 29 C (WPCREDIT hack) and under load hovers around 48 C. I also thought the Alpha would do much better, and case flow isnt a problem, mine has plenty. Just high ambient here I guess, hard to say.

personally id say that is way hot, i installed my xp1900 yesterday and it is idlining at 37c runnint at xp2100 speeds, 1.80vcore.

If you are at only 1666 mhz using default voltage you shold be alot cooler than that. Also u are using a swifty and i am only usinbg a 60mm Glaciator with a 39cfm fan.

Id say you temps are wrong, or you are not making good contact with chip.
I did a few mods on the Lian-li and some replacing.

1) on the metal screen that houses the filter I re-drilled all of the holes to 5/16. This is the biggest I can make then and still retain any strength in the screen.

2) re-drilled the front cover holes of my Lian-li to 9/32. Again this is the biggest I can make them and not have the front collapse.

3) replaced the stock case fans with the following from coolerextreme.com. the shop was close and they were on sale for 8.00 each and came with a 4pin connector.

SUNNON 80x25mm ball bering fan
12v, 0.22A, 2.6W, 3200 RPM, 42.5 CFM, 36.5 DBa
there as quiet as the original case fans.

after I removed the shim (There was a nice patch of AC3 on the heatsink so I think i was making good contact) the temp dropped from 53-51

After steps 1 and 2 the temp dropped from 51-50c

After step 3 adding the fans the case temp is 28C/84F CPU is 47-48c/118F

I guess I'll leave it as is for now. If you take into account the general consensus that asus temp are 10c to high it is running at the same temp as my AMD1.2 in a stock steel case. If i feel ambitious I might try remounting the swiffy one more time this weekend.

thanks again for all of the help and suggestions.
those are soem good temps man, if you take into the fact that the Asus is probably 10c+ error, so ur temps are more likely 37-38c. not teh 47-48 ch which you are seeing. Good Job adn keep it up
sonny said:
2. Make sure you get enough pressure on the CPU but no to much that you crush the core. 25Lbs max.
3. Find some other way of checking the temps.
TEMPCHECK from BART & it's only $15.00USD + S & H. Very easy to use & no soldering involved.

Are you using this? I read the add And it said not to smash between the chip and the heatsync. Is this thin enough to fit between the HS and the rest of the chip? like a shim? If not where would you mount it to get a more accurate reading for the cpu?

Also I forgot to mention that I have received my Leadtek GF4. It has a NICE heatsink with dual fans. Even with this I have dropped my case and cpu temps. I think that if I put my test vid board in the temps would drop lower. I think that my last mod might be to remove the blowhole fan and replace it with one of the sunnon fans.

I like some of the ideas that I see here and am thinking about case lighting. thats pulls from the 12v part of the PS and does not drain from the MB voltage right?

I'll also have to get a digital camera so I can start posting some pics. Heres my current system

Lian-li PC60
Enermax465 (FCA)
AMD XP2000+ not oc'ed yet
Swiftech MCX462 HSF
Asus A7V333 - 1 gig ddr333 with thermaltake heat spreadders
Leadtek GF4 128mb dual out
Maxtor 80gig ATA133
SB audigy platnium
plextor 24/10/40
win XP
well that sure answered my question. Guess I'll be getting one since I have not gotten anything back from ASUS about temp.

Did you use anything to secure it to the cpu or is it removable?
My temps are:
idle: cpu: 40-42
full load: cpu: 46-47

Look at my sig: also I have one intake fan in the fron and one rear exhaust in the back, along with the two power supply fans and alpha heatsink with sunon fan. If overclock my 2000+ some more, my comp restarts, etc. I'm good at 140 fsb.