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55C, is that too hot?

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Feb 13, 2001
My cpu is an amd 1.2 o/c 1.36, idle at 32c and underload at 55c or above. Is that too hot for it...if I keep using it for a long time, won't it shorten the cpu life span?
Yes, that is high. The fact that it runs in the normal range during idle and only spikes at high load is usually indicative of either an HSF with capacity for idle but runs out under load, using just the thermal pad and not thermal grease instead, or a bad mounting job on the HSF. Oh yes, it can be a combination of the above also. Higher capacity heatsink, remove the pad and use quality thermal grease, recheck the mounting job. See if that helps.

I don't think I did anything wrong with mounting hs on the CPU since the heatsink can only fit by the clips, if the clips is secure then the heatsink can't even move. One of the problem might be the Sunon fan on my Alpha Pal 6035 is sucking the air out not blowing in, is that the most efficient way to get cool air?
Sucking versus blowing varies from HSF model to model. From my own experiences, I'd say that blowing results in lower HS temps, but can cause case circulation descrepancies. The stronger the blow, the wierder the effect. I don't think that is the problem with your HSF. Also, I'd say the 6035 has adequate capacity for loaded as well as idle CPUs operating in the range yours is. Just because you can get the clips to snap, does not guarantee a foolproof mate between the core and the HSF base surfaces, but it is a good start. Keep seeking, as something is not kosher there.

i got the same problem with my tbird too. the idle temp is same as system/chase like around 24-25c even lower sometimes. but when i load it, it gets over 40 in a few seconds. Also with the same heatsink and mobo my duron is 10c idle over system temp so around 35c and not more than 40c loaded and its running at 750@950 so i think my tbird1.1 is bad:( since it gots that huge difference in idle and loaded temps. also its unstable as hell and it DRAIN power from my 300w psu. When i load it i can hear the fans slowing down and can see on the monitor that the voltage is dropping. Dunno if its my cpu that is fried or if it is my psu that is bad. I have to use my old duron in the meantime so if anyone have a solution i would be VERY happy!! thx
Wow, it loads down the PSU enough to hear it in the fans? Not a good sign. I would expect the same speed, same core voltage to draw more current on the Athlon, simply because it has more transistor junctions on it to accomodate the additional cache. I read somewhere that not all 300W supplies are necessarily adequate for the T-bird, whereas most are for the Duron. I'm at a loss.

bend the clip to make a tighter fit. Make the fan pull air away from the cpu. re-apply the thernal compound and use only a thin layer on the cpu core.