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5820K slow but 4.4ghz?

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Oct 16, 2012
so i upgraded my cooling because the last aio went to hell, and did a minor oc on it and started encoding some video using handbrake. when i rip a bluray it takes almost an hour on the fast1080p30 setting :confused: it says it uses 100% and all but only write a bit over 2mbps to disk, have tried both ssd and regular.. temps are 70c at highest under 100% load and it slurps 1.250v. how do i oc cache if thats what it needs
Cache overclock requires ring/cache voltage bump. Most likely system agent as well. First you have to see if you have the option to up the cache multi. Speeding up the memory might help a bit as well. Haven't done much recoding in a while but that used to help me.
i have never done this before. but it will require oc input aswell as voltages ? how much will this help in bluray ripping and games etc? tnx for reply :)
ONly know thorough testing, games nada bluray/recode work it should help some. I took a quick look through your manual and didn't see any options for cache OC. I know some boards could and others couldn't. Might have to wait for someone with a similar board. I have a Giga SOC and it has an external switch to activate the "OC socket" This is what gives me the options in BIOS for cache overclock.
haha just my luck.. thank you for taking the time to look at it at least :)
i will think so, i ripp a cd in 50 sec so almost an hour for bluray is in my mind not very good?
i will think so, i ripp a cd in 50 sec so almost an hour for bluray is in my mind not very good?



Different encoding, algorithms.

1080p 30fps is the time it takes.

With mine, encoding 1080p/30fps h264 takes about half the time of the BluRay lenght.

So looks allright.