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5950X is my boost ok?

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New Member
May 14, 2022
Hello to all here!

This is my very first post in this forum and I am glad for this.

I've downloaded a week ago the new release of Ryzen Master and I happily found out the new option Curve Optimizer and it's validation offset function. Surprisingly once the validation process ended, Ryzen Master gave to me these results:

All cores -30 except of CO02 -26 and CO04 -23.

Initially I thought it was a joke but once I've tried some CPU-Z and C4D 23 tests I've started achieving some interesting results. I was getting some random crashes so I've set these new values which now work perfectly:


Now, here is why I am writing to you for an advice, if I test the system with CPU-Z I get this situation:

Multi Thead score: 13246.2
Single Thread score: 694.9

Multi Thread data:
Peak Speed 4.600 Mhz on all cores
Temp 75°C
Peak Core Voltage: 1.37 - 1.385

Single Thread Data:
Peak Speed 4988 - 5002 Mhz
Temp 55°C - 57°C
Peak Core Voltage: 1.456

1652573979018.png 1652574168111.png

I should be happy right? What is bugging me are the peak volts, max 1.385 in Multi Thread and 1.456 in Single. I know very well about the 5950X's capability and architecture on working on high voltage but now that my OC curves are different than the past (I had an all core -25 except a couple of cores at -12), I thought my max volts would be a bit lower. But guess what? The chip with this configuration gives to me fantastic numbers and results and the voltage went up!

I am a 3D Artist and I use this workstation for a lot of 3D rendering workload so I prefer to get some lower volts. You think is possible or you think I am completely wrong?
Maybe I could limit it with the PPT and use a lower value so it works a bit slower. I am also playing games with the same config and for example in FS2020 my voltage is constantly around 1.45 - 1.47!!! Should I worry?

This is my config:

AMD Ryzen 5950X
Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Master v1.2
128GB ram Kingston 3600
Nvidia 3080 RTX
3 Nvme disks installed + 4 normal SSD
Power Supply EVGA Super NOVA 850W G3 80+ GOLD
AIO Arctic Liquid Freezer ii 360
Case Fractal Torrent with 7 fans installed (3 are from the frontal AIO)

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward for your thoughts!
Have a nice Sunday and take care.
Thanks for getting back!

First of all your single boost score is amazing!
And it seems that yes, the voltage is the same.

I saw that you've managed to overclock also a bit your ram. My Kingston Fury never gave me any issues but I read in the past that is not a good idea to OC it over its standard.

Anyway, do you use your computer with this voltage under daily basis without issues?

I used for a year mines without any problems at all but all the voltage values were lower. Now that my Curves Offset are changed, my voltage max values went up and I am not quite used to it. Probably you guys have more experience on this.

Thanks again!