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5960x CPU, Trying to set up Mild Overclock with AsRock Extreme4 x99 (64gb ram)

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New Member
Jun 29, 2016
Hi there, my first post, I did do a lot of reading, and I decided to try overclocking my current setup, This is my first PC built, it is been performing somewhat stable to go ahead with video editing / rendering work, but after reading all kinds of guides, it is just better for me to OC to 4.0. I Have Kraken x61 cooling, regular intel Extreme Tuning Utility shows under load it is around 40 degrees. (without any OC on UEFI)

I have AsRock Extreme4 x99 motherboard,
in UEFI, There OC Tweaker.
There I see 2 different main settings one is 'Load 4 GHz and XMP OC Setting' the other is 'Load Optimized CPU OC Setting'
if I enable the first one the third 'Multi Core Enhancement' setting vanishes. The Ram I have is clocked at 2400 DDR4

If I change the first setting 'Load 4 GHz and XMP OC Setting' I see that the top yellow indicators of 'Target CPU / Cache / BCLK Speed" changes to 4000 Mhz / 2400 Mhz / 100.0 Mhz

I have read in many posts that even though you can use UEFI clock which is automatic, people suggest to achieve manually as it allocates to much voltage for a mild increase in speed, which will result reducing the life span of my CPU,

I am posting the photo here of what I see on my AsRock Extreme4 UEFI for this CPU so maybe you can point me to the right direction of how to achieve 4.0 GHz without high voltage settings?