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5v dropping fast

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Nov 2, 2001
New York, NY, Usa
My 5v line is dropping really fast. Last month it held steady at 5.00v at 2.15 vcore. In that past month I changed the fan in the power supply to a panaflo low 20 cfm from a adda 35 cfm.

Is it cause my fan is not cooling the psu enough that its dropping?

I am now running at 1.75vcore at defaul speed and its holding steady at 4.97 now.
Do you still have the fan that you took out of the PSU? Try putting that fan (or one with a similar CFM) in the power supply. If the problem goes away, then you know the cause.
yea, I could do that, but I was hoping for someone with this kind of experience to tell me.

If I do put the fan back in, that means I have to take out the old soldering iron.
For the test you could just twist the wires together and put electrical tape over them. It's not a permanent mod, and doing it that way makes it faster and easier.
Well I actualy devised a better way, and let it sit at low voltage with my windows opened. Case tmpe dropped dramatically.

But voltages stayed the same. I am pretty sure my psu is dying now, either that or my mobo simply cant handle the voltage anymore.

Well I found the problem. Seems that my pp412x antec power supply with my pots adjusted and runing at 2.15v for over a year has put a strain on the atx connector. The Connector has burned. One of the connector plastic holders has completely broke off and melted into the motherboard atx connector. I was able to salvage whatever I can of the power supply.

Upon further inspection all the charred and blackened connectors were all +5v. Only one wasnt giving power correctly. I took some pliers and some needle sized screw drivers and cleaned out the connectors.

Then I had to re-tightened the connectors. They now transit correct power. Although, this may be a temperory fix, I hope it lasts.

I can see myself buying a new power supply and motherboard in the future. I just blame myself for not seeing this earlier.

Let this be a warning to all the other people who have modded the pots in the antec pp412x 400 watt power supply, to have a boost in the 5v rail, don't leave it at this setting unattended. Another way I found out it was the connector were because the wires to the atx connector were really warm.

So better check it before its too late. I hope this saves some power supplies and motherboards.