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£6 spent and i get a fair overclock...

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Aug 7, 2001
I just thought this may intrest any budget oclockers out there.
But dont hold me to this i may just have an ok chip (1800xp BTW)...

Ive recently had to lose my watercooling for a spell anyway, and in the 2 month period return to air. I looked at great heatsinks out there Swiftech, Thermaltake, Ax-7, and these were a little pricy for a short few months. (im skint so it dosnt help) so i looked on Dabs.com (Uk mail order firm to see what they have)
And in the list i came across a coolmaster sink... Belive me coolmaster are not great when it comes to cooling but ok. so i bought one. ( It was a CP5-6J31C )

Its basically an aluminium sink with a piece of copper screwed on the bottom and i bought it.. due to its cost and the fact it reckons that you can run a xp 2600+ on it.. to cut a long story short i bought it and stuck it straight on no lapping although the bottom was ugly as sin but it had thermal grease pre done... It was hard to get on BTw screwdriver job... but on startup all was fine and quiet.... only 38db but it didnt sound that loud even though the only fan id had in 1 year was a silent PSU running.

Pc booted and after an hour of heavy Jediknight 2 gaming i got 48C a little hot and 40 idle... so i thought lets try a bit more increased the voltage a bit booted her up at 1670mhz just on FSB locked chip and i get a load temp of 52C idle of 42C..

The moral of this story (as im getting a lot of waffle) is an average overclock dosnt require a super cooler or tonnes of cash..

as i write this im now at 150fsb and my temp readings are 42C and load after 3hrs of gaming 53c (also added 1 80mm exhaust fan i ripped out of my old AT Psu)


Sep 8, 2001
In the Dark!!
I know what you mean, i spent £12 on a 80mm fan adapter and high quality 80mm 37cfm 3000rpm fan and not only am i getting better temps + higher overclock, but its only 30dba compared to the screeming 7000rpm delta i had on before!!

I can definately say the best £12 i've ever spent on my computer!