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60-80mm fan adapters, found a website.

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I had trouble getting it to load all day, but just the pics on the site. I did see it one time though, but I have a cable modem.

here is the guys Email... [email protected]

Try that, maybe he can send you a pic.
AKDUDE (Mar 28, 2001 11:40 p.m.):
I had trouble getting it to load all day,

I just got the page to load today (T1). The picture doesn't show much. A shot of the adapter itself would be great with a view of the mounting surfaces and inside.
Still at 12 bucks it might be worth a try. I'm considering going of the deep end a using a bare 462A then doing something with the 92mm (100cfm delta). ;D
At at 52 dBa ... a rheostat might be a good idea!

His prices for the rounded IDE cables aren't bad either, has anyone tried them?
I have a set of the cables he is selling, that I bought off a dealer at the Anantech forums.

The ATA66/100 cables are not totally rounded, they are split into groups of 4/5 wires. Which is "OK" but makes them sorta stiff. The floppy cable is totally rounded, with each individual wire being split. They are covered with heat shrink tubing.

If you go look at the Cyber Deals forum, I have a post there for the cables.

I think I paid 7.50 each for them.
klosters64a (Mar 29, 2001 08:52 p.m.):
Thanks for posting this info, AKDUDE. These adapters are hard to find.

When surfing over at Hardocp, I noticed that the guy that builds the Adapters is calling it quits. Suppposedly, he's making so many of them, it's not "fun" anymore.

That's alright, I was going to have to make a 92mm to 80mm myself anyways.