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60 degrees celcius even though i just got a gladiator

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ya , take it back off real careful and check the spot where it was, and make sure it was on flat and all
actually, i think it might be partially due to my case. i took of the outerside of my case and my temp dropped to 49 after running prime95 for a couple hours. i'm currently thinking about drilling holes in the side of my case......any other suggestions...by the way, i can't afford a new case at this moment, and there doesn't seem to be any good place in my case to put a case fan in...
Even at 49C your temps are too hot of course if we knew what you were running that would help out quite a bit, you should get your temps in the 30C range as long as your ambient temps are not too high. There should be a place in the back and front of your case for fans if not you may need to make some, drilling holes will not cut it.
i have a duron 800 @ 900(6x150)

by the way, what do you guys think is better,


when i benchmark it, the 7x138 performs better, but i heard that it's always better to have a high fsb than higher speeds
Well, if you're benchmarking the cpu only, yeah.. 7x138 will yield better results. But the cpu isn't the system. A higher FSB with a lower multiplier for a given resultant speed increases the entire system efficiency as data moves to/from the bus and memory at higher speeds, rather than just having a faster CPU only. For the case of 1GHz CPUs... 7.5x133 or even 7x143 is better than 10x100. As for your case ( different end-speeds ) however, I don't know if a 12MHz FSB increase would necessarily justify a 66MHz cpu speed decrease as far as overall system performance.

I hope this helps a bit,