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60 FPS and up? whats the diff?

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Feb 24, 2001
If above 60 FPS, u cant tell the difference anymore , why does it matter ? i mena i have a voodoo3 2000, it worked great with quake 3 on a athlon 550..but i guess i do see why in a way..the more FPS the smoother it is even after it gets above 60FPS? oh well im going from my voodoo3 2000 PCI and athlon 550 slot A to a gefroce 2 ultra and 900mhz duron overclocked..after some burnin
While there are more important factors, the higher-than-60 FPS is mostly meaning 'raise color or resolution or FSAA' - once you hit this you start turning up the quality till you drop below it. ^_^ At least thats what I've always done...

Really. The reason for a fast card is not to get 150 FPS at 800x600x16, it's to get an average of 40-60 FPS at 1600x1200x32, if that's what you want. Throw FSAA into the deal, and you see the need (or rather the desire) for all this power.
mostly for braggin rights-actually the human eye can only see26-28fps per second. You never see movies lagging and they are recorded at 30fps!! Just the facts
Thats so damn true :)

Thats why I love my Voodoo5 so much. It has better FSAA and image quality then he Geforce line (except maybe he well taunted GF3), and Whats the point of gettin 100FPS when I can get 60 with it all maxed and maybe even 2x FSAA?

I love it boys!
I try to get the highest fps possible that way no matter what happens Im always above 40. I dont know if you play counter-strike but if you get alot of players together then start throwing lots of smoke grenades your in trouble if you were only getting 60 fps before. Now your only getting 3 heheh.
You do have a point. But for me, when I say 60FPS, that usually is under heavy load, I mean sometimes I get 80, and sometimes I get 40, but I usually NEVER get under 40, and if I do, it is only for like 1 second in which I dont really mind that at all. :)