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$600 dollars to burn....

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Feb 19, 2001
wassup people, weell i just got my tax returns back and i have $600 dollars to burn and i was thinking of spending it on some extra part(s) for my comp. I was considering a geforce 3 or a new harddrive and a dvd player but i am not really sure. I would appreciate some reccomendations....
Hmm for that kinda money id be thinking on a second machine, which is nice to have when your working on your first one.

Antec sx1030b case, about 100 bucks,
256megs of pc 150 goodness, 100 bucks
iWill K266 revision 1.2 120 bucks at newegg
Amd something 150-200 bucks
30 meg drive 7200 rpm 120 or so
Radeon LE or Mx 80

Darn now we are over 600 and still no moniter... oh well.

Get a G3force 3, and put the rest in the bank.
Why not just put the money in the bank? Just cause you have the cash doesn't automatically mean you have spend it.
I'd save some of that just incase something breaks. Think of the worst case senario and how much it will cost to fix and put that much away. And be sure to spend some on the latest greatest game that you have been waiting for. Hardware is kinda pointless without software.
I say put together an inexpensive box for Folding.... but, alas, I am biased.....

You really wouldn't need much - my choice would be to pick up a Duron 650, a KT7E, some generic PC133, and throw a old 540 MB HD and a cheap PCI video card in and see how much I could get it OC'ed by.... it wouldn't take much cash to get that thing together, maybe $350. (if you have an old HD and video card laying around, which most of us do)

The GF3 is a total waste of money...If you really feel you have to spend this money, then I guess you really could burn it on that. I don't know why you wouldn't just hang onto it. Maybe in a few months something will come out that you really want to buy.
Yea don't burn your money on a geforce 3 (although they are pretty damn awsome) just wait a little while, prices will go down and maby another company ATI will come out with a newer, better card; just a thought.

If you think about it, we are all insane in some sort of way :eek:)