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6600K Overclock recommendations

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New Member
Jan 15, 2017
Hello and nice to meet the overclocking community! :) I have just purchased my 6600K which I am, frankly, proud of. I have managed to overclock it to 4.5 GHZ @ 1.26v, max temperatures in games 55 degrees C(games like Battlefield 1, and it rarely reaches those temperatures). I have also gotten it to 4.7 ghz on 1.31v, stable, max temperatures in games 62 degrees C(again, Battlefield 1, and it usually hovers @ around 55 - 58 degrees). I would like to ask you if those results are fine and if it is a good chip. Secondly, what do you recommend? That I keep my CPU @ 4.5 ghz on 1.26v, or is it better to keep it @ 4.7 ghz on 1.31v? Thank you very much for your answers. Cheers!


Dec 10, 2003
I have 4.5GHz overclock on a i5 6600k and it is better to keep it at 4.7GHz with more power to do faster things.


Jan 19, 2014
First off, if you are stable prime/itb/realbench tested at 4.5ghz with that voltage, then i think that it could go lower on that voltage or that the 4.7ghz at 1.31v is not stable.
Second for gaming 4.5ghz vs 4.7 it makes no difference, if you are redering and very heavy multitasking then keep it at 4.7ghz
but again if the voltage of 4.5ghz can not go lower then i cant believe its stable at 1.31v at 4.7ghz.
Any way your temps are oke


Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
I haven't seen any difference in games at 4.2GHz or higher clock when I had 6700K. In new games it depends more on graphics card performance than CPU.
Overclocking of these chips is more a matter of "want" than "need" and it's up to you if you want to keep it at 4.5GHz or 4.7GHz. Both are safe settings regarding voltage requirements and your cooling can handle 4.7GHz at 1.31V. I just know that many users are overclocking processors because they can, not because they need higher performance.