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6600XT performance not as expected

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Jun 6, 2002
I have posted at the AMD forum, after countless searching seems there is a problem. where in either a game is old enough and not flagged/tagged as a 3d game so the GPU speed stays low. you might ask how low, playing Borderlands@1080@max settings, 120fps(no fps lock at all). gpu speed might hit 1.2ghz here and there, gpu load hovers around 20%. there are other games out there were this happens to other people, in some cases they are getting worse performance then the card they came from.

I find it hard to justify the cost of the card when older games are not getting the performance increase they should from a new card. looking at some of the other games, they are doing better performance wise and it makes it worth it. i still have time but im heading toward sending the card back to newegg for a refund.

before people make suggestions, i have looked all over the place first before posting this. all the suggestions out there have done nothing to help with my older games and getting the performance increase they should. as of right now there is no way to override the GPU load to GPU speed. there has been talk its due to bios? that some say it is not happening on higher end 6x00's.

most modern game i have played is vanguard, at first there was performance issues with that game as well. i wasn't sure what the issue could have been, even having it recompile the textures etc was the same problem. I do play the forest from time to time now, wasn't exactly a game you needed high fps for. with the new driver the overlay shows a nice bump in fps over the other driver. i did skip the WHQL driver and got the beta 21.12.1, that seems to have been the issue for the most part. im now running the new 22.1.11 driver, borderlands gpu speed is now higher but not default/boost speeds, runs 2.2ghz max.

one thing that didnt get fixed was the bad performance in old Wolfenstein the new order. never played it or any of the others i purchased on steam. fps was not bad on the 1060 6gb but bad enough to make me want to stop playing it LOL. Both newer Dooms showed a bit more fps with this newer driver that im on.

still on the fence if i should stick it out though, only 30 days to return.
I know I will get flack for this but AMD missed the performance mark this go round.

My 6800XT is not on par with my 3080. 6700XT was a miss for me also. The 6600XT that I got from xfx for my 5700XT RMA wasn't even worth giving a chance.

This is from an AMD fan.
I have no problems with my RX6600XT, RX6700XT and RX6800XT. Each time AMD or Nvidia was releasing something, then the other brand was releasing something a bit faster so now everything is mixed up. There were also driver improvements and some more.
I see that whatever I was playing, RX6600XT was about as fast as GTX1080Ti ... but at about 30-50% wattage and much lower temps. RX6700XT even though a bit slower, is not much different than the RTX3070 for me. However, there will be always games optimized for AMD or Nvidia so if something is good enough for games that I play, then it doesn't mean it will be better for someone else.
after getting the 22-1-11 driver installed borderlands plays or has fps like it should. only issue i have is with the older Wolfenstein. i just should not have stuttering issues and the radeon control panel showing me a 50ish avg fps. i gave up on that game since i never played the older ones, i wanted to go in order of release. guess i will wait for a 1080ti to be cheap or 20x0 ot 30x0 card.
I wouldn't get an older card as it will lose support soon and 3-year old+ cards already have no performance improvements. Maybe it's a matter of drivers, maybe something else. I'm not playing many games but everything I was trying was working fine on AMD. I'm not saying there aren't any problems, I just can't see them.

Recently I have only weird problem with my RX6700XT. I have no idea if it's the card or something else but when I leave it running with minimized online game then after some time the screen goes black and everything freezes. No problems when the card is under load, it happens only when it's under low load with a minimized game.
it does not happen often, but when i come back from work. turn on the screen it says no signal detected, restart my pc and its fine. i dont get it...
I have exactly the same but it started maybe 3 weeks ago, and only on PC with RX6700XT. It's not happening every day but more like every 2-3 days. Before it was working without issues. I don't remember if I was updating any drivers in the last weeks. This PC runs on Win10 and I literally play 1 game and use a web browser, nothing else.
back to back days, not looking good. i read all over the place of resetting bios/upgrade bios, on the motherboard that is. what if there is no bios to update too? one said a new PSU fixed their issue, could have not sure. my psu isnt that old and this card pulls the same if not less then a 1060 6gb. there is no way the psu could cause the signal to be lost after turning it on after being off for 8 to 16 hrs. i think this is some kind of driver issue, but then it could be video card bios issue? im more leaning to drivers but i could be wrong, maybe has something to do with gpu pinging the display or something along those lines.
If you have the most recent driver try rolling back a driver version or two.

Also, I wonder if the driver is crashing. When I had driver crashes with my AMD cards it would turn off the blue light filter. Maybe try enabling the blue light filter and replicate the crashing scenario as best you can. If the screen comes back with the blue light filter off then it's a driver issue. While that won't solve your issue it will at least point you in the right direction.
There were 2-3 driver updates in the last few days that I didn't try so maybe it will help. I highly doubt that in my case it's the motherboard or PSU as problems are only in idle, with turned off display, and it was working fine for some weeks before any issues started.
3rd day in a row with losing signal. i recall i post i read either on reddit or amd forums, change the color format to studio or limited vs pc/full. they said for them that fixed it, going to try that but why should i have to limit the colors to the monitor for the gpu to keep the signal going. i should change the title of the thread LOL. from NV stable to Radeon troubleshooting/beta tester for $500+ video card. dont get me wrong i know NV has some issues but nothing like i have experienced like this. one thing that really did work, is me figuring out why my FPS was dropping while using the mouse in borderlands and frostpunk. the polling rate of the mouse at 1000hz was the issue? not sure how or why it was but going to 500hz solved the problem. I could be in game move around and watch the GPU utl drop, gpu speed drop, fps drop. while watching the overlay with mouse at 1000hz polling. not sure if this was a issue on my NV card but i never had any issue but then i never played frost punk on the 1060, just got it as it was on sale.

is it sad i want to get told i got in the shuffle for a NV card? i was all pumped about the 6600xt, the combo of issues right now is just turning me off on the card/Radeon's. i read how some people say they dont have these issues with higher end parts. then why do this mid range/lower end parts have issues, none of them should have these kind of small issues. meaning FPS drop when moving the mouse in game or gpu dropping video signal cause the monitor has been off for a few hours. im using a DP connection btw, i have gone from using 10bit to 8bit option for the panel and it was the same thing on losing the signal. lets hope this "limited" color range makes a difference. if not, im prolly gonna throw my hands up in a few days. yea im going to go back and try the WHQL drivers and see what happens. never started with them though, just the newest beta drivers.
Minor threadjack: My son is reporting 'stuttering' with his MSI 6600 (not xt). FPS, CPU and GPU utilization drop in games (1080p), some more than others, more noticeable when detail settings lowered. The card chugs away fine at 100% under furmark, power consumption locked at 100w . Temps pretty low.
I'm thinking immature drivers. It sounds like the issues the early 6 pin 480s had. I'm seeing mentions of issues like this with this series at the AMD support forums and elsewhere on the web.
System is a b350 with R5 1600, 16gb ddr3200 Corsair 450w. Used the AMD driver cleaner before install. My next step is to try DDU, but there hasn't been an NV card in this system on this windows install. The previous card (bios modded 480) didn't hit the same peak frames but was otherwise rock solid.

I somehow doubt it's a CPU or PCIE bottleneck. He has both M2 slots populated with SSDs (one NVME, one regular). Could that be it?
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ok so, changing color range does not help with keeping the video signal going to the monitor. one thing i have seen pop up every time but have never found a way to get to this option. i see it was in past drivers, the wattman option? i keep seeing notifications after each restart with the message "default radeon wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure". if rolling way back to the 21.10.xx driver whql doesnt help, im going to install just the driver files. that way the radeon control panel is not installed, maybe that will make the difference?

what games are we talking about?
The usual MP kid stuff....fortnite, siege, CS, valorant.

One theory I've seen floated is that it's a freesync problem, but I've already turned that off, as well as the rest of the AMD gimmicks like Chill, etc.

MSI recommends a 500 watt PSU for this card, but I doubt this one is pulling more than the 480, even downvolted. Plus a power problem would show up in Furmark.
seems like this is true for amd then?

then reading down lower, its a video card bios issue? if it is, how would i go about trying to get a new one from them. that assumes it even fixes my issues with the card, though i shouldn't have to go that far. the big question, what is the blame the radeon control panel or the bios on the video card? guess im going to find out in the next few days.
One free and easy way to troubleshoot display issues like that may be to swap from DP to HDMI or vice versa.

They released a driver fix for the early 6 pin 480s, before probably using revised BIOS for new cards and then finally going to 8-pin. There is hope.
not sure what change i made in bios, made my cpu oc unstable now. i did disable some power management feature for pcie, that may have fixed my gpu losing signal. it seems that way so far, since i couldnt get my old cpu overclock back at 4.6ghz, its just at 4ghz now. doesnt matter since i got my 11th gen i5 to setup still. if that pcie option fixes the problem, i am more inclined to keep the gpu. though like normal LOL nv 4k gpus not far away. always happens, just like normal with release cycles. here agian choices, refund this gpu at 600 ish with tax, still sell my 1060 6gb. then use a GT1030 for my other games im inclined to play in the mean time. replaying old games can wait really, but it is what is it. at the rate i upgrade, i think it might be worth doing. thoughts?
You could try it in the new rig, as it may not have the same problems. Do you even have a 4K monitor?
I'd not want to be stuck with only a 1030.