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6700k has odd overclocking behavior, need help!

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I just remembered I have HT enabled too, so alot of the extra heat is coming from that I suppose.
From my experience disabling HT has only netted me typically around 5-10C at most for load temps. Course the better utilization of HT the higher the temp from my experience.

If it was 6+ years ago I'd consider saying yes turning HT off might prove useful. Nowadays leaving HT on seems to have more benefits than not even in everyday processes.
Agreed. In the few instances (what a game or two?) That is hurts, it's just not worth it for the other benefits...and you bought a 4c/8t cpu, not 4c/4t...get the most out of your money.

My suggestion is to stop babying your system. Give it all threads, I wouldn't worry about offset (let window manage your power) voltages, none of that. Just set your voltage you need for the clock and go!
Fair enough, you're right, I did go 6700k and woulda got the 6600k if I didnt want the HT so I might as well use it! For now ill settle with the 4.7, that's honestly more than I really expected to get anyways. Thanks for the help everyone, this chip was driving me crazy!
4.7Ghz is nice OC :) I settled on 4.5Ghz right now with lower voltage and heat for now... well for the past few weeks at least.
Enjoy the chip.