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6700K non 1:1 CPU/Cache ratio overclocks?!

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Sep 13, 2014
Currently I'm in the middle of a X264 stress test on my system with the following setup:

i7 6700K at:
4.4 ghz (core)
44x (Ring ratio)
1.24 Vcore
LLC High

Trident Z 16gb 3200 Mhz ram with XMP profile (3200 [email protected])

Currently I'm hitting a max of 70 Celcius on the cores with x264 stress test. If I go back down to stock ring ratio (40x), I will probably be able to easily get 4.6 ghz at around the same Vcore while staying under 70 (Don't really want to go above this temp because my ambient temps can go up to 30 C at times and I want enough head room).

My question is this, would having my core be at 100x46 (4.6 ghz)@1.24v while the stock 40x ring ratio (4.0 ghz) be worse for my performance than just sticking to what I'm at now? I know generally the cache frequency is less impactful on performance than core frequency, but all the research I've done has people saying try to keep it to a 1:1 ratio or at least very close.
Nope, no difference. 4GHz, 4.2GHz, 3.6GHz, you won't notice a difference on the cache... Only for benching.
Nope, no difference. 4GHz, 4.2GHz, 3.6GHz, you won't notice a difference on the cache... Only for benching.

Faster image and video editing, speeds up memory intensive apps (not by much granted but in these specific cases every little help counts). Doesn't raise temps or make system unstable up to 4.7ghz on my setup but YMMV ofc :thup:
I've typically found the best stability when OCing by keeping the cache ~200-300MHz lower than the cores.
Also I don't believe I've ever seen a board take the cache to 40x at stock.

All of that said, core trumps cache every time.
Hmm I see. I tried setting ring ratio back to 40x, and seeing what kind of results I can get. Currently doing [email protected] (Down from the 4.4/[email protected]). I tried doing 4.5 ghz at 1.25v (With ring ratio at 40x) and I crashed within a few minutes of x264. 1.2v>1.25v seems like quite a jump for 0.1 ghz. Gonna try to see if I can get stable with [email protected].

edit: Did some research, guess +0.05v is quite normal for 4.4>4.5ghz. Just going to stick to [email protected]. Thanks everyone.
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