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6cu + contacting about half of core

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The Xtreme Senior Nobody
Jun 21, 2001
The easiest and best (IMO) is to wet sand it with (for starters) with about 300grit. Just get it close to flat with this... Once you get that covering most of the bottom then switch to about 600 or 800 grit and smooth it up some. Once you get it fully flat, then take and get some 1000 grit paper and finish it off with that. Once its all smooth with the finish here I would call it good.

Now as far as making sure you have a flat surface I would use a sheet of plexi on a table top. The plexi should create a large flat surface on the table enough to work ok. If you need something else then do some searching around your area for something that would be flat. Not to hard to do really, just takes some time.

Good Luck.



Aug 29, 2001
for perfectly flat, you should use glass, doesn't bend. Try running a razor down some glass, you'll see why all cocaine users give it a thumbs up :D


Dec 24, 2001
Sacramento, CA
Cocain users? ROFLMAO!!! :D Anyways, before you begin to lap, make sure that you mounted the HSF correctly and that nothing is getting in the way and preventing it from making full contact with the core. That has happened to me before.

If that isnt the case and you want to lap it, the Volcano6 is already pretty flat, so all you need is about 800-1000 grit wet/dry sand paper to start off with and finish off with 1500-2000 grit sand paper. Like others posted above, you want a very flat surface for your lapping, like a countertop like in your bathroom or a piece of glass. Begin with the 800-1000 grit paper and put some water on it and begin rubbing the HS on the paper in figure 8's (DO NOT PUSH DOWN ON THE HS, INSTEAD USE ITS OWN WEIGHT TO PRESS IT AGAINST THE PAPER), as soon as all of the little circular grooves have been removed, switch to the 1500-2000 grit paper and repeat the process (CAUTION!!!!!! KEEP CHECKING ON THE BASE OF THE HS TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARENT ALLYING TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON ONE SIDE AND CAUSING SLOPES ON THE COPPER CORE, SINCE THIS IS VERY EASY TO DO SINCE THE CORE IS NOT LEVEL WITH ANYTHING) Good luck and hope this helps.