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7 in One card reader

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May 13, 2003
Toronto Canada
Hi guys. Been awhile. Anyways , i have a problem i cant solve. I just bought the internal 7 in 1 reader for my msi k7n2-l MoBo and hooked up the USB headers. Installed the drivers and voila'.

It dosent work :p I put in a CF card and got nothing. I plugged a mouse into the USB slot and it said USB device not recognized. Although that mouse works fine in the back USB slots. I dont have any other kinds of flash media to test it because everyone is away but like i said, the CF from the camera didnt register. There are 4 or 5 other headers on this thing and cables but no where to plug them in on the MoBo. Anyone got any ideas besides the drivers because i installed whats on the disk except the 1207cf file. when you try it it says no [email protected] device recognized.

If anyone has a clue please CLUE me in :) thanks Happy Holidays!!


All that is Man!
Nov 24, 2001
Stillwater, Oklahoma
word of wisdom which has been told to me many many times.

headers are generally worthless. the firewire ports that come on a dongle for my comp are totally worthless, i can transfer at ~15mbps with my audigy firewire port, but the dongle can only do 2-3mbps. if there is anyway you can piggyback the card reader, then do so, because going through headers will kill any sort of speed you plan on having.

and installing software to use the dongles is even harder.


Nov 7, 2002
Do you mean to say that the card reader you bought was specifically for your mobo? Because that would make my suggestion seem to not make sense:

USB headers on motherboards vary between a couple of different standards. The devices that plug into the headers also vary between these standards, so if the wrong device (thingo to plug in, i mean) is paired with the wrong motherboard, then it won't work. I had a similar problem a few days ago when I swapped in a new motherboard and tried to use my old external USB ports with it.

You could look in your motherboard's manual and check the wiring for your USB headers, and if possible check the wiring on the card reader. Then either return it and buy a different one, or rewire it yourself. Just flip to the section in your manual where it shows a picture of the header with the various voltages.


Dec 27, 2003
The Alamo City
i have a msi and had a hard time with my reader too(6 in 1)

but it is there it will work

i was connecting it to the second header on the board (mine has two)

i worked on the other one pluse it onlt works if you go into your BIOS and activate ALL the use ports