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$70 card beats professional graphics cards

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Jun 12, 2001
Dorchester UK
Having just tried SoftQuadro all I can say is amazing, it has improved my OpenGl performance no end. In most tests it is close to a $1200 professional graphics card, and in one test even beats it. I did try the latest Detonator drivers with my Geforce2 MX, but the 22.80's seem to offer best performance with the drivers installed as Nvidia Quadro. There is quite a performance drop if Quadro MXR are installed. Also my card is the 32Mb version, not bad for £50 here in the UK.

Compare the following results I obtained with the results at Toms Hardware. Results are from Specviewperf 6_1_2

AWadvs-04 Weighted Geometric Mean = 77.54

DRV-07 Weighted Geometric Mean = 18.89

DX-06 Weighted Geometric Mean = 28.42

Light-04 Weighted Geometric Mean = 8.101

MedMCAD-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 29.00

ProCDRS-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 45.96

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Just as a point of reference my score in 3DMark2001SE is a miserable 2735. Since I mostly use a 3D graphics app the improvements are of a huge benefit to me.
Look at the results I have posted against a Geforce2 Pro, Quadro2 Pro and a FireGL. The results compare with a Quadro2 Pro which I believe was a much better card than the Quadro, I have no results on the hardware hack, but these results speak for themselves with no real risk to the card.

<Edit> just done some checking and apparently the results are identical
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Awesome! The best ones for me so far have been 22.40 and 22.80

What 3D apps do you use? Also could somebody point me in the direction of the drivers best used for this under windows XP? I have tried with some dirvers and they just don't patch.

I haven't had luck with 23.xx and above. SoftQuadro or Rivatuner almost always give an error when you patch them, but check the OpenGL info module of Sandra, or get a prog called GLinfo to check and verify the patch worked.

If you search similar posts you should find a link to a discussion thread on madonion that has a link to GLinfo.
I know it is probably more expensive in the UK, but a Geforce 2 Ti 500 (4ns RAM) hard-modded to a Quadro 2 Pro and the flashed with the Nvidia reference Quadro bios is absolutely greased lightning in profession graphics apps. Mine is running 305/520 and the resistor mod does give performance gains over the SoftQuadro mod. The resistor-mod sound hard, but if you identify the correct ones it is really easy, takes 5 minutes to do. Too bad I don't have any graphics applications to benchmark it in, but I would guess one would need a Wildcat II to beat it.
Those stats are sweet rogue.

Exactly what is the deal with this Quadro Mod i keep hearing about. Doesn't Quadro have somthing to do with laptops? someone fill me in plz or pass me a link. thx in advance
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quadro cards

Quadro cards are nvidia's high-end professional/workstation graphics cards. They have more memory, run at higher clock speeds, and have optimized instructions for handling OpenGL. They cost 4-8 times as much as Geforce cards, but they use the same gpu! To make a geforce a quadro there are driver patches... or you can move a couple of reisistors on the card to change its ID. Unfortunately its not a true Quadro, since some Quadros have 128MB of memory... but its easy enough to up the clock speeds.

This kinda mod really doesn't affect gaming performance. Its for bragging rights or professional 3d application performance. Use the search terms "Quadro" or "softquadro" to find some more threads about it.
i dunno about performance but i just tried the 27.70drivers except i installed my Video cardas a Quadro 2 Pro...not using any hack except for guru3d drivers....how could i measure performance?