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70C Prime95 load on AXP-M 2500+

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Techno Pride

Nov 26, 2002
I'm getting 70C Prime95 on my mobileXP @ 2.34GHz, 1.7v , and this is with the casing's side open. It will go into the high 70s with BurnK7 :mad:

Is it just my mobo's readings that are screwed or is something really wrong with my setup? It seems most people I see on the net are getting 40-50 readings but they seem to be using NF7-S or Infinity which I am not.

My setup

AXP-M 2500+ 45w @ 2340 (195x12, 1.7v)
Thermalright SK7 with coolermaster 80mm (26dba, i think ~30CFM)
ShinEtsu thermal compund
Asus A7N8x-DLX 1.04
1x512mb kingston pc3200
FX5800 @ 450/950

Readings from MBM5:
Diode- 70C
Socket- 60C
Case- 28C

any ideas


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
Yeah, the information you provided point to either incorrect installation of the two things I mentiond or incorrect temperature readings, mobos are notorious for that.

Reset the CMOS and run the system at 166 x 11 stock speed, then see what the temps are... that should be telling of what's up.