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8 GBs of Memory!!1! Can you dig it!!?!

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I would say this is built on newegg reviews. Could be so much better in so many points.

XP64 is disgusting, 1 day with it and reformatted.

8GB of ram just for virtual OS's is extreme overkill, you'd do fine with 4GB. With my experience 2GB does just fine for vmware.

That heatsink is weaksauce.

Videocard... I woulda went with something higher end myself..

But, Grats on the new system...
Good looking rig man. And yes he could of bought a $400 video card and yes he could of bought a quadcore and yes he may have bought 1 gig to many and yes yadda yadda yadda..... He has already bought the stuff so why would you start ragging on it, his choice let it be.

/end rant
I don't see the point of that system. Mix of high end stuff with crap stuff, doesn't make sense. Make up your mind, high end rig, or mid level rig, or low end rig. Don' t blow $800 on memory and couple it with a 6600 128mb video card and a mid level motherboard, a cheap HDD, a cheap corsair PSU (crap part, serious crap part) and a crappy case. You didn't even put a second HDD for RAID 0 (or any type of raid at least) like the guy above said, glad its his money and not mine. The only good thing about this system is the C2D e6600. That 8gb of RAM is just overkill even for Virtual systems.
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Thanks for the welcome! Now for my defense…

I plead innocent to the following charges:

Video: I knew I would take sheet for this one but I have no regrets. First, this machines primary purpose is to simulate various network environments using VPC/VMWare. VPC emulates a S3 Trio in software. Having a faster video card on the host computer makes no difference in speed or capability in VPC. Second, I don’t play the latest and greatest games. When I come home from work, I tune out by pwn’n noobs in CS 1.6 and that’s about it. I don’t even play Source. Heck, I could play CS 1.6 on my Shuttle AK35 with my GeForce2 GTS-V. (which is now used for my dedicated MAME machine) This 6600 card is still a big improvement for me. I’m currently running an APG 8X ATI 9600XT in my Abit AN7. Lastly, video cards are in transition now. It’s a bad time to buy. If a year from now some great game comes out that I just have to play, I can eBay this card. If I get half what I paid, I’m out $23 bucks. With higher end cards, you’re out $23 bucks the second you buy it.

RAM: Waste? Let’s say I want to try out MS Exchange 2007 with MS Forefront. I’ll want to setup three separate virtual machines: a domain controller, an Exchange machine, and a Forefront machine. All of these will be running Windows 2003 server. I’ll want an XP machine for the client software. Plus, I’ll need memory left over for the host OS. Are you going to do that with 2GB? Are you going to do that with 4GB? What if I want to setup Exchange with front-end and back-end servers? Is 8GB going to be enough? Also, VPC/VMWare is slow by nature. It emulates what would normally be done with dedicated hardware through software. Dedicating a decent amount of memory to virtual machines really helps speed things up.

CPU: VPC 2007 doesn’t support multiple cores. You can’t make a virtual SMP machine. You can’t even assign a virtual machine one core and another virtual machine the other. VMWare is a different story. However, I will be using this system to test various software. I will not be using this system in a production environment. (which is also why I don’t care about “enterprise class” components) So, while I may test an Exchange/Forefront scenario running three servers and a client, it’s not like 50 people are going to logon to the domain and start checking their email and surfing the net. It’s just going to be me experimenting. The servers will be idle for the most part. If this were a production environment, I would go quad core all the way! I’m planning to do some major server consolidation where I work and I’m not considering anything but quad cores. Also, the price kept me away from a quad. It’s too bleeding edge right now and I don’t need it.

OS: I assume everyone who says Windows XP x64 sucks does so because of lack of drivers, apps that aren’t compatible and no performance gain. I had no problem finding the drivers and there won’t be any problems running VPC/VMWare, Office or Steam/CS 1.6. That’s 95% of the battle! Also, I was forced to go 64-bit due to the amount of memory in my system. If you noticed, this version of XP comes with an upgrade to Windows Vista Business Edition 64bit. I like going this route because I can try XP x64 and Vista Business and determine which is best for my needs. Vista Ultimate may be cool, but I don’t need eye candy steeling my precious resources. (I have a very limited amount of RAM! ;) ) If this were my main rig for general computing, then I would probably go the Vista Ultimate route.​
I plead guilty with an explanation to the following:

Heatsink: I saw the great reviews on NewEgg, wasn’t planning to join the 4GHz club and thought I could save $30 bucks. I know, I know… Who buys $860 of RAM and then tries to save $30 bucks on a heatsink? Just shoot me… But, check this out! There was another problem with this heatsink. The case will only support heatsinks with a maxium height of about 130mm because of the 250mm fan. NewEgg and Rosewill’s site lists this heatsink as 101.7mm high. I have come to realize that this is wrong. This heatsink is exactly the same as the Coolmaster Hyper 6+. Coolmaster lists this heatsink as being 143mm tall. If you just look at the Rosewill heatsink and realize the fan is 92mm, the rest of the heatsink can’t be only 9.7mm. The Rosewill heatsink arrived today and sure enough, it 143mm tall. I called NewEgg and explained the situation. They refunded $30 back to my card and I get to keep the heatsink. So, it only costs me shipping which was about $6. I’m sure I can use this heatsink somewhere. So with the height restrictions in mind, the likely candidates for a new heatsink are: Thermalright SI-128, Enzotech Ultra-X or possibly the Noctua NH-U9. I’m sure everyone has opinions on which one I should choose but I don’t want to turn this thread into a “which heatsink is best” discussion. I’m sure we can all agree that the three heatsinks I listed are far better than the Rosewill.​

First impressions and general comments:

I love the case. It looks great and the 250mm fan is quiet and blows tons of air. I’m not even using any case fans!

I don’t have any problems with the power supply but I question the “modularness”. (or is it “modualarity”) I’m sure this applies to most modular power supplies. I have to connect one SATA cable for the DVD drive. It only need to be 6” but it’s about 12”. This leaves one SATA connector hanging because it can’t reach the hard drive on the bottom. Another SATA cable for the hard drive on the bottom which leaves another unconnected SATA connector at the bottom of my case. A molex connector for the fan which leaves 2 other molex connectors at the bottom of my case. An non-modular 8 pin power connector that this motherboard doesn’t need. And to top it off, the motherboard cables are about 10” longer than required. That’s not to say this isn’t a top notch, quality power supply. I was just hoping for a little more “modualarativity”. Hehe…​

And now for what you’ve been all been waiting for… I changed the front side bus to 400, set the memory to 1:1 and vcore to 1.3625. Everything else is default! This includes the stock Intel heatsink and thermal pad! Temps during prime95 were about 53 degrees on average. I didn’t set affinity and run two instances yet. I’ll wait until I get my new heatsink. So, can you dig it?!?

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its kyou
which means society, i think..
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damn atomic, u crazy... i'd love to have that much memory and say goodbye to virtual memory
Japan Karate Association is the best translation of it. I do JKA Shotokan Karate. We were cleaning out patches at work the other day and my instructor threw it at me since we had a total of six left. I scanned it in as I figured I needed a new Avatar since Michael's car changed from a Dodge to a Toyota... not that anyone would have noticed this year :bang head (hasn't been qualifying for races)

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How well do the 2GB sticks OC btw?
With 8gb of system memory, other 4GB do not provide any performance benefit.

In the particular case of running several WM, it depends on his memory needs. But for istance, if he needed 16gb of memory he could have gone with a xeon board and (slower) ECC memory.
Vondoom said:
I would say this is built on newegg reviews. Could be so much better in so many points.

XP64 is disgusting, 1 day with it and reformatted.

8GB of ram just for virtual OS's is extreme overkill, you'd do fine with 4GB. With my experience 2GB does just fine for vmware.

That heatsink is weaksauce.

Videocard... I woulda went with something higher end myself..

But, Grats on the new system...

you'd be surprised... try running a small domain with 2 dc's and a few of workstations... it takes a lot more ram than you imagine

and if you still want some ram left over for your physical system...