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8 pin and 4 pin cpu MB power connectors

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New Member
May 17, 2009
Hi All,

I'm not sure what to attach to my auxiliary CPU power connectors. I have an 8 pin and a 4 pin CPU connector on my ASRock X99 Professional MB. Currently I have a cable to the 8 pin CPU connector (and the 24 pin cable) attached. Do I also need to connect an additional cable to the 4 pin connector as well? If so what do I gain from this? Currently the pc seems to be functioning okay without it except when the pc comes out of hibernation where it freezes up. For my boot drive I have the Samsung m.2 XP941 SSD. Thanks
It's not required to use additional 4 pin connector unless you are overclocking ( I mean like high clocks 4.8GHz+ ). Even then should be fine without it.

PC freezing is popular issue on many new Intel platforms. Check newer bios or try to install latest chipset drivers. You can also play with power saving features in bios. Every motherboard is acting in a different way and I had no X99 ASRock board so I won't tell you exactly how to solve it.
+1 ^^.

Your manual will also tell you that using the supplemental 4 pin is optional as well. ;)