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80 mm Hack on Globalwin WBK38?

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Dec 19, 2000



Above are two pictures of the GlobalWin WBK38 and FOP38 respectively. Now, as many of you know by now, it is possible to modify the FOP, so that it can accept an 80mm fan. My question is whether you can do the same thing on the WBK32. From the looks of it, it seems like it should definitely be possible. However, I thought I would get a second opinion before taking the plunge, so to speak. Let me know what you think.
This is funny - I did just that yesterday. I got the WBK with the delta fan - turned it on, heard it whine, turned it off. Removed the delta fan and slapped on a 80mm Sunon 2.6W 42CFM fan using a 80mm fan guard at the bottom. The WBK fan springs hook right into the fan guard.

The endresult is 4C (37 vs 41C) lower temperature as compared to my Alpha PAL with GW 60mm fan, that was pushing 26CFM or so. Noise is comparable, but way less than the delta (yuk).

This is great news, Yomama! I couldn't tell from pics if the spring wire fan clip on the FOP-38 and the WBK-38 are one and the same. I ordered an FOP-38, to be sure. This makes two. Their price is quite reasonable. The same can't be said of the noise of the Delta 38. Six months, going on eternity of sonic assault.

Would you please expand on "using an 80mm fan guard on the bottom?" I can't quite picture it. Thanks!
I heard a lot of ppl said the Globalwin FOP is noisy. Is it happen to WBK as well?
I'm struggling to get either Alpha PAL6035 or Globalwin. If you have both, please tell me your valuable experience.

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Have a look at the front page of http://www.anandtech.com . Scroll down and find "Socket A, Socket 370 Heatsink comparison, test," or whatever it's called. All mystery will be revealed. In short, the Alpha PAL-6035 and the GlobalWin FOP-38 are very close in performance. With the stipulation that a Delta-38 cfm 60mm is used on both of them.

The Alpha is more expensive. It's benefit in this case is that its version of an "SK7" clip(this mounts the HSF on the Socket) is easy to use. Its disadvantage is that an adapter to mount an 80mm case fan in place of the Delta 60mm fan must be home made.

The FOP-38's wire fan clip makes throwing the Delta 38 cfm from hell into the middle of the Atlantic(where they belong--unless you're very hard of hearing) easy, and mounting an 80mm case fan instead a cinch. Its disadvantage is that its SK7 steel clip(from whence came the Delta 38's) must be installed VERY carefully. It's a natural born glass CPU crusher. It exerts too much pressure. Find out the right way to install it before attempting it. If your last name isn't Shwarzenegger, two people make the job easier.
The best way I've found to install the FOP38 (and probably the WBK38 too) is to first attach the back side of the clip (duh). Then, use a flat head screwdriver to push down on the clip in front (so it doesn't kill your fingers), and use your other hand to guide and attach the clip when it is in place. I've found this to work really well, and allow the heatsink to be easily installed and uninstalled (even with a massive 80mm attached ;-) ) without busting your CPU, your fingers, or the socket lugs.